Malawi Elephants
Malawi hosts one of the world’s largest elephant translocations

The emergence of Malawi as a fully-fledged wildlife destination got into full swing in 2016. Having taken over the management of Liwonde National Park and Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve in 2015 to add to Majete which it has been managing for over 10 years, African Parks began one of the most ambitious animal relocation programmes ever undertaken. The ‘500 Elephants’ Conservation initiative plans to move 500 individuals into Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve and secure the long-term future of Malawi’s elephants.

With the help of HRH Prince Harry, the first phase was completed in 2016 with not only 261 elephants, but a grand total of over 1500 head of game (including rhino, various antelope, buffalo and zebra) moved into Nkhotakota to help restore the park. The initiative received a phenomenal amount of positive international media coverage which looks set to continue.

The relocations will continue in 2017 with 239 more elephants being mover alongside further game species, including the reintroduction of predators into Liwonde National Park. All three of African Parks Malawi reserves are quickly becoming true wildlife gems.

Not only is the international media coverage putting Malawi firmly on the map as a leader in conservation and as a fully-fledged wildlife destination, but this transformation of Malawi’s wildlife and safaris will ultimately see Malawi become one of the most complete destinations in Africa – Lake, Landscape, Culture and now Wildlife experiences of the very highest quality. 

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