NEW YORK-(MaraviPost)-A woman has claimed to be the wife of Michael Jackson’s ghost and not only that, but she believes herself to be Marilyn Monroe’s reincarnate.

Kathleen Roberts, a medium, says Michael’s ghost is only interested in hanging out with her and using her body to eat, dance and sing. According to an article she wrote for the Daily Star, Roberts said she has been in a relationship with the pop star’s ghost for several years.

Roberts claimed he even proposed to her with a pink engagement ring, and they had Martin Luther King officiate their wedding just after she had gotten out of the bathtub.

However, Michael’s ghost is unwilling to consummate their relationship, with Roberts noting sex is off the menu.

Roberts, a US resident, noted she’s of sound mind and being 100% truthful with her story, adding she shared their stories on Tik Tok, but all the accounts were removed.

The ghost even goes with her to the restroom, and they talk a lot, something she did expect from the singer, who was known to be shy and kind of an introvert. Roberts revealed that he likes cookies and cusses a lot, something she did not expect.

One thing he does not like is being touched. “He scares me with spider visions and dead corpse visions if I kiss him or try to initiate romance physically,” she said.

The woman also said the ghost is very bossy and points out some of her flaws, but she overlooks all of that because she loves him, and she’s not perfect either.

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