The question, “Where are human rights activists?” has been asked by many. They are silent, yes. I will attempt to provide one answer. 

The first instinct of every human being is economic survival. The history of all countries demonstrates that once they begin to move out of extreme poverty, a middle class comes into place and this is the group that claims human rights. In a way, human rights are a cost of prosperity. This has been the trend in most countries. 

Our economy was stable in the years 2006 to 2011. We had food. We had money to buy clothes. We had time to relax. And we were creating our own version of a middle class. 

So, we could talk about human rights. Not now. We are not living. We are merely surviving, bare existence. Everybody is busy thinking about how to get money for food. In such a situation, human rights become a distant dream. 

So, don’t blame the activists. The economy is very bad. Existence is more important than human rights, as at now. Everyone is busy searching for bare survival.


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