This is September. Actually, today is September 11.

Three months ago, the APM admin promised Malawians that it will in August name names of all Cashgaters after furious citizens have been ever demanding this to happen.

Zero. Nothing has happened. What is delaying this to happen? Why has the DPP not lived to its promise?

There are lots of unanswered questions. Malawi really needs to get to the bottom of Cashgate and move on. But it looks some people are shielding some people. Why is the APM admin afraid to do so?

Malawians have always believed there could some “big fish” involved in the historic scandal.

The biggest fish we have so far are of course Oswald Lutepo—a former senior official of the People’s Party- allegedly to have “eaten” some K4 billion, former PS for Tourism, Treza Senzani, who will be sentenced on Monday after she pleaded guilty, and Ralph Kasambara, the former justice minister who is implicated in the Paul Mphiyo shooting and money laundering.

The rest are civil servants and other businesspeople. Yes, some of them are indeed “small fish”.

APM inherited a lot of problems from the JB admin. Cashgate is one of them. Sorting out this mess will require lots of political will. In fact, this will be one of his biggest political tests because sorting out the Cashagte scandal does not start in 2013.

It starts in 2005 when his sibling was in power and introduced the government payment system called IFMIS which was manipulated, leading to the enormous theft of public funds as the executive looked the other way. Both Bingu and JB knew what was happening, or they didn’t know?

APM needs to be encouraged to be a man and name the suspects. He needs to use his abundance of political will to be my president. He should not chicken out. He should not be afraid. He will score political marks if he acts decisively on this.

At this stage, Malawians simply want to know who was involved.  The courts will deal with the rest of the questions and finish off the job for the citizens.

Will you do something APM? The show is in your hands. If you don’t do anything about this, you know what Malawians are capable of doing in 2019.    They will never forgive you for not taking a tough decision on Cashgate, despite your promises “to get to the bottom” of this gigantic fraud.

You see, it’s a disgrace to see donors not give us friends through the central government because they are afraid the funds will be looted. It is a shame to see donors directly buy drugs for hospitals and send these essentials directly to hospitals. It is like there is no government.

So, APM, know that they are many interested parties looking forward to see how you deal with Cashgate, the evil of all financial scandals in Malawi’s history.

Can you deliver on Cashgate? We are watching and 2019 is not far for Malawians to wait and cast that important paper that puts presidents into state house.

The ball, they say, is your court. Those names, please!



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