Kenyan women

NAIROBI-(MaraviPost)-I know right! This is shocking, how the new generation has seen the need for some wild in bed excitement that they go to the extent of salivating on another man’s wife.

But this is mutual, get me right here, both the couples agree on exchanging partners to sleep with.

So there’s no cheating here it’s just a no strings attached kind of relationship, it’s also known as swinging.

We all know that there exists elite type of clubs that don’t accept just anyone except registered members, ever asked yourself why?

And to be a member you’ll have to go through some serious vetting or be recommended by someone who is already a member.

There has been a rise in swinging activities recently, mostly the young and middle class couples are the ones that feel the need to do this.

I mean, even our parents and pastors will be sent to their early deaths when they come to know about this. The couples frequently hold weekly swinging meetings.

These are some respected men in the society, some are even honorable leaders in our communities owning filthy expensive sports cars as they park them outside these clubs and the one accompanying them are their lovely wives.

Other rich families join them in these fornication and drinking parties. Most of these people here have known each other for a very long time, probably from childhood because you don’t just get an invite to these parties.

Some of these couples have recently come out to explain themselves, saying that they don’t have the time to go out in search for girls to seduce.

They say that if they have to sleep with someone out of their marriage, it has to be with someone who has the same interests as them, like in education, profession, business interests and more, and someone who will not expect them to leave their wife or husband for them, a no strings attached type of relationship like I mentioned earlier.

These clubs have come up with strict rules of association like some request for health certificates to check for your HIV and AIDS status and if you have any STD and many other rules exist.

As some of the Kenyans become richer, their social behavior tends to change, and what they saw to be sinful and even a taboo, challenge it through these weird social interactions.

Well, they are not so weird because traditionally this used to be a common practice.

But should we blame this on our traditions? Or should we blame this on the influence of global media like reality TV shows? Or should we blame this on substance abuse?

Because it makes us do things without our complete knowledge and consent.

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