Cyril Ogwu
Young Nigerian Prophet, Cyril Ogwu

Submitted by Stella Adeola (NIGERIA)

Prophet Cyril Ogwu is a young charismatic and energetic evangelical minister who many believes to carry both the prophetic and apostolic mantle. He is the founder of the Christian church, Liberation Christian Gathering (LCG) and the Cyril Ogwu Foundation. The fast growing Church has its headquarters in Umunede, Delta State, Nigeria. As to some people, Prophet Cyril Ogwu is mightily used by God in prophetic, healing and deliverance ministries with great undeniable signs and wonders which happen in the name of Jesus.

The young Prophet has now become notable for prodigious miracles and wonders. Hundreds of people who have physically encountered the anointed man of God have testified of these inordinate heavenly encounters. Most of the miracles that have been achieved by God through Prophet Cyril Ogwu have either left conundrums or tears on the faces of people attending the services live or through personal encounters as they cannot modestly apprehend the authority of God through Prophet Cyril Ogwu.

Talking of the latter, a rip probing miracle was performed on Friday, July 13, when the Prophet demonstrated the raw undiluted power of God by turning corked bottles of water into very sweet fresh wine before hundreds of eye witnesses who beheld him perform the undeniable miracle.

On this precise Friday, people made their way to the habitual location as usual. A locality that dynasties the non-negotiable power of God through Prophet Cyril Ogwu. It was during the live service amidst the sermon that the prophet turned water into very sweet wine proving to demonstrate one of the miracles of Jesus Christ in the scriptures (as found in John 2:1-10)


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