Abida Mia says should be given time to decide on whether to run for Chikwawa Nkombezi Parliamentary seat

Wife to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice President Abida Mia took people of Chikwawa Nkombezi Constituency by surprise when she addressed two whistle stop tours yesterday.

She organized the rallies as part of complementing her husband and indeed the entire party to connect with the people and indeed to strengthen the party at the grassroots.

Chikwawa Nkombezi is the constituency which has all along been manned by veteran politician Sidik Mia until he paved way for others to take charge of the constituency in 2014.

During a mammoth crowd at Chambaluka and Sono—Linga in Chikwawa on Tuesday, Abida Mia told the people that she is aware of the problems they are facing.

“You requested us to donate an Ambulance and I report to you that the vehicle is on its way

“You requested that we should donate iron-sheets towards renovation of our clinic, we will take care of that,” said Abida Mia popularly known by her admirers as ‘Adona’, a vernacular word for ‘Madam and/or a stateswoman’

Commenting on politics, Abida Mia disclosed that Chiefs and party officials in the constituency have been mounting pressure on her to run as a parliamentarian in the constituency.

“The chiefs want me to run. They know Vice President Sidik Mia is now a national material and that they want someone as good as him to run the affairs of the constituency.

“They know how good I know this constituency and how deep I have been involved in helping my husband run this constituency when he was its representative for many years until he decided not to run in 2014.

“The chiefs and so are many people in this constituency say that the incumbent parliamentarian Malola has failed the people of Chikwawa Nkombezi Constituency,” she said as the crowd nodded and chanted in total agreement of her claim.

She then told the people that she needs time to think about it.

“Give me time to think about this and I will respond if I will pick up the challenge or not,” she said adding that “it is humbling” to note that other people in the constituency think she has the qualities to be their Member of Parliament.

During the whistle-stop tour, Abida Mia was joined by parliamentarian Elias Karim and MCP’s regional chairman Peter Simbi. The youthful Karim who is also the deputy director of research in MCP, spoke so passionately about the rebranded party and why people should support Dr Chakwera, Sidik Mia and MCP.

Karim said that the research his directorate has made shows that MCP will resoundingly win in 2019.

Today Sunday’s, Vice President Sidik Mia intends to attend a Catholic Church paper Sunday in Chikwawa.

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