File Photo: Arrested

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on 23rd November, 2015, received allegations that Kasungu Municipal Council employee Isaac Kanthundu, was abusing his office, perpetrating fraud, and promoting nepotism in the implementation of the public works program commonly known as “Ntchito za Mthandizi” in Kasungu Central Constituency.

Following the tip, the ACB instituted investigations, which established that another Council employee, Charles Mughogho prepared a payment voucher for 25 beneficiaries and duplicated the names to make them appear as if they were 50.


The two Kasungu Council employees Charles Mughogho and Isaac Kanthundu colluded and presented the forged beneficiaries list and submitted it to Kasungu Municipal Council officials for processing of payment.


The Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested Kanthundu on 15th June and Mughogho on 16th June, 2017. They were released on bail on 16th June.


Kanthundu is likely to be charged with one count of forgery and uttering a false document, which is contrary to Section 364 and 360 of the Penal Code.


Mughogho is likely to be charged with giving false information to Bureau Officers, forgery, theft, and uttering a false document that is contrary to Section 14 of the Corrupt Practices Act, Section 283, 360 and 364 of the Penal Code respectively.


They were released on bail after fulfilling some court conditionalities such as K50,000.00 cash each as bail bond that was deposited to the Court; surrender travel documents and not leave

Kasungu without the permission of the Officer In-Charge of Kasungu Police.


They will appear in Court ?on 28th June, 2017 for commencement of the trial.

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