The innovative new Jaguar XE will redefine the standard in its segmentSouth Africa, Pretoria, 11 August 2015 – The innovative new Jaguar XE will redefine the standard in its segment. Designed around Jaguar’s modular vehicle architecture, the XE is the only car in the class to use an aluminium-intensive monocoque, with lightweight aluminium accounting for 75 per cent of the structure.


This milestone in body engineering, a product of Jaguar’s world-leading expertise in high-volume production of aluminium vehicles, ensures that the Jaguar XE combines outstanding design with benchmark levels of ride and handling – it will be the true driver’s car in the segment when it launches locally, in September.

Lightweight construction is a core element of Jaguar’s DNA and Jaguar is at the cutting-edge of aluminium technology in the automotive industry. The Jaguar XJ, XK and F-TYPE have all been developed using exceptionally stiff bonded and riveted aluminium structures. The XE is the latest model to use this aerospace-inspired technology.

It is also the first car in the world to make use of a new grade of high strength aluminium called RC 5754 which has been developed specifically for the XE. This new alloy features a high level of recycled material and makes a significant contribution to Jaguar’s goal of using 75 per cent recycled material by 2020.

The resulting weight savings ensure that the XE is the most fuel-efficient Jaguar yet. With its 2.0-litre i4 turbo diesel engine, producing 132kW and 430Nm, it boasts a combined fuel consumption figure of 4.2 litres/100km and CO2 emissions of only 109g/km.

“The Jaguar XE body uses over 75% aluminium content, which far exceeds any other car in its class. This gives us a body structure with unrivalled low weight: it’s light but also immensely strong with extremely high levels of torsional stiffness. We’ve made sure our aluminium-intensive body structure exceeds all global safety standards without compromising on vehicle design or refinement,” says Dr Mark White, Jaguar’s Chief Technical Specialist for lightweight vehicle structures.

Even with beautiful, eye-catching lines, the Jaguar XE’s aluminium-intensive body structure still offers exceptional torsional stiffness. Lightweight, yet strong, it incorporates highly advanced suspension systems to deliver unparalleled levels of ride quality, handling and steering. 

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