“I’m surprised none of you has not discussed the role of the Northern Region in these elections.”

Everyone become quite briefly.

“The North, yes.”

“But we have only 1.1 million votes here.”

“Which is why the North will be a decider in these elections for whoever gets, say, 400,000 here will bag these elections.”

“How do you mean?”

“It’s about one (the North) to the Power of Two (the South and the Centre)”

“I failed my algebra.”

“Then don’t attempt to solve this.”

The opaque stuff was flowing and obviously people were losing their heads little by little. Some guy joined the group with a Helen Sigh t-shirt.

“Kodi amayiwa akuti ndi abusa?” somebody inquired after Sigh’s pastorhood. “She, too, thinks she can win?”

“She has mfundo, mwene,” said the new-comer. “She can’t allow cashgate.”

“Talking about good policies I think Mark Katsonga makes sense but he can’t win.”

“If Mark can’t win, who will?”

“Tate Peter!”




“Which abusa? Remember we have two in these elections!”

Then the deejay slot in Joseph Mkasa new campaign song. I left the place as the imbibers were debating which one was a hit, this one or the other one…you know which one!

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