All set for Malawi Election case; Chilima Mia meet

Withering cross-examination from AG Kalekeni Kaphale has Saulos Chilima looking like he brought a case without Merit. If I was advising UTM and its lawyers I would say ‘burn the midnight oil’ to regroup.

AG Kaphale: You will confirm to this court that your political party was advised to strictly check the counting of the votes.

Saulos Chilima: My Lord, my Lady, I confirm the instruction.

AG Kaphale: Because valid votes are the ones that determine the winner. It’s remarkable that no monitor has told the court that the votes were marred with irregularities.

Saulos Chilima: My lady, my Lord. That’s true in some cases.

AG Kaphale: Between a Monitor at the stream and a Monitor at the Tally Centre who is who is better places to complain about results if there was something wrong with them?

Saulos Chilima: The one monitoring the stream.

AG Kaphale: Thank you. Why do you think the one at the streams is the best to lodge a complaint?

Saulos Chilima: Because he was at the Centre, he monitored the voting and the vote counting.

AG Kaphale: So, if the Monitor at the Tally Centre is not well placed to lodge a complaint than the one at the streams them a President who was way too far from the process is much worse off isn’t it?

Saulos Chilima: My lords my Lady yes, I agree.

AG Kaphale: And in this case no Monitor from the streams or the Tally Centre is challenging the results is that correct.

Saulos Chilima: My Lady my lords that’s correct.

So with Anticipation we await tomorrow’s cross-examination, Will Chilima redeem himself?

Justice Potani said the court is happy the proceedings have started and expressed hope the proceedings will continue smoothly

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