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With the recent revelation by an upcoming celebrity, Vicki Royce that she was contacted and paid by some persons to accuse TB Joshua of rape should be a thing of concern to any right-minded person, that despise evil. Indeed, the hearth of Man is desperately wicked!

It seems the media are even trying to downplay this shocking revelation and we know how it would have been blown out of proportion if it was the other way around.

It is obvious that these persons that are after the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua are not given up anymore soon. They are ready to do anything inhumanly possible to see the downfall of the Prophet. We know they shall fail because He that is with us is more than them.

We know these persons are very powerful and they have influence in world government. It is both a local and international collaboration. They were the gang that launched the attacked on the SCOAN guest house that led to the death of innocent souls – the Martyrs of Faith, of Blessed Memory.

TB Joshua
Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua, is a Nigerian pastor, televangelist and philanthropist. He is the leader and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations,

Remember, one of the few reasons the Prophet gave for stopping overflow congregation was the possibility of a security breach or attack.

Based on historical events and recent experiences, we would want the Prophet and the SCOAN families worldwide to take note of these possible methods these bad guys may use to launch their attack. We should not take anything for granted this time around and we must be very prayerful and watchful because these evil doers seem to be very much active now.

  1. AEROPLANE BOMB ATTACK: The Prophet must make sure that a comprehensive background security check is done on any flight he and his team board. Even the pilot of the plane must be properly checked. This is one of the modern methods these powerful evil establishments kill great men and women they believed to be a threat to their demonic interest.
  2. GIFT/LETTER BOMB ATTACK: The Prophet should not be allowed to open or received any gift/letter directly. Such gift and letter should first go through some security check and if someone must open the package, it should either be the sender or someone else and not TB Joshua himself.
  3. PROFESSIONAL SNIPER/ASSASSIN: In the day of the attacked on the SCOAN guest house, the military aeroplane that was used to attack the building was also spotted at the prayer mountain; knowing that the Prophet was there. It was said there was a Sniper – a professional shooter that was in that plane to shoot the Prophet but thank God they failed, because of God’s protective shade covering the Prophet. Remember that the Prophet was the actual target.

The SCOAN must build up a strong security surveyance around the Prophet. Especially when he is going out for a revival program. And before the Prophet travel for an international crusade, he must get an assurance from the government of that nation that his security will be a priority.

  1. ESPIONAGE THREAT: The SCOAN is already used to international spies visiting/invading the Ministry. They come to the SCOAN under the disguise of being an international visitor and some discipleship. SCOAN should not take this spy threat for granted. Because most of their intentions are evil and some may be there to harm the Prophet.
  2. POISON: In our present disposition, there is more advance method now that one can be poison. So, the Prophet must be careful with those he makes contacts with. From what he eats, the air and even through handshake one can be poison. We know God is with the Prophet, but he too must watch his back.
  3. GOING AFTER THOSE THAT ARE CLOSE TO THE PROPHET: The family members of the Prophet – the wife and daughters are also points of targets. Even those that have publicly associated with the Prophet can also be blackmail and their reputation smear. Someone like the President of Tanzanian and others that have publicly associated with the Prophet should watch their back. They should know that those that want to kill the Prophet hate them too.
  4. ATTACK ON SCOAN AGAIN: Whenever you visit the SCOAN you must be security conscious. You need to know that these bad guys are not done yet with their attack on the SCOAN. There is so many Prophecy out there that revealed that these evil doers will attack SCOAN again.

They are ready to do anything to make sure that they scare people from coming to the SCOAN for their healings and deliverances. These evil establishments are agents of darkness and they are not happy with the work of freedom that God is doing in the life of the people that visit the SCOAN.

  1. FALSE ACCUSATION TO TARNISH THE PROPHET REPUTATION: We are already used to this method of false accusation against T.B. Joshua and his ministry. Just like the English proverb that says, “Give a dog a bad name and hang him.” Just as we all are witnessing the false rape allegations that are treading now. These are met to give a bad name to the Prophet and smear his reputation. With that, they can easily attack him without much resistance from the people.

It is important to note that we are not limiting the spotlight to those few points listed here. We must be on an active outlook and guide ourselves against any form of evil games and trick they may want to use. They will even come with mind games that will make us start doubting if indeed the Prophet is of God. In the place of doubt and unbelieved, you must always remember to make the Word of God your last point of call.

We are not writing this to scare anybody, we are only sensitising the people and preparing their mind for the worst. We should always know that they will attack. Don’t forget that lives have already been lost and more life may also go too. But the role each and every one of us will play, as a family of this great commission of the gospel, of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will help to minimize the effects, of this present battle between the kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness. MAY YOUR FAITH NEVER FAINT AMID TRIBULATIONS…AMEN!

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Stella Wood
Stella Wood
Free Press is here to bring you the latest in relevant culture, human interest, and entertainment stories live from the front lines in Ghana and across Africa!


  1. Even though they succeed in killing the mortal bodies, can they also kill their spirit being that matters most. ?
    God’s protection my prophet

  2. Thank you for all the advice on how to gaurentee the Prophet’s safety, but you seem to forget that he is God’s servant. Bosses know how to look after their employees. God is the ultimate boss who knows how to go about ” His Business”. So don’t fear.

  3. No weapon fashion against our loving prophet mouth ,tongue perjury, shame ,shall prosper

  4. Prophet tb Joshua is end time or generation prophet,
    No matter how much propaganda or persecution they will say, it makes anointing increasingly more
    After Major 1, persecution by South Africa journalists, now see how anointing has increased then before.

  5. TB Joshua cannot take Bisola Johnson to court because he knows that she was his sex mate and that once he does, so many of his other victims will flood the court with first hand information about his deceit and atrocities.
    He has also groomed one John Chi who is representing him in Cameroon and shortchanging the Cameroonians just as TB is doing to Nigerians.
    Like Samson in the Bible,the lady he has sexually exploited for 14years, will bring TB JOSHUA DOWN.
    And other wayo miracle Churches will follow.

  6. I’m a pastor in SA and I visited scoan last year December as I was asleep there during one night i had a dream of Boko Haram killing Christians at prayer mountain,it was so horrific that they were slaughtering them and throwing their bodies in the water at prayer mountain.Pls let’s pray for scoan and man of God.

  7. When TB Joshua was poor and wretched now body remembered him now his powerful, rich and wealthy Enemies every where hunting for his life
    May God deliver them

  8. Thank God that such things are happening. This is a testimony that TB Joshua is God – sent.

  9. Some people are directly attacking God….Stop and come back to your senses….TB Joshua’s work is not yet over and God wont allow any evil harm the Man of God the sent one. Evil doers repent ask God’s forgiveness for trying to do unthinkable over the life of the true Property of our time.

  10. This bisola Or whatever she calls herself, you cannot in a million years you live think of getting close to the Man of Gods work. All his sweat and help rendered to the poor the weak, scholarships, building schools for poor neighborhoods, The sick. If you start focusing on helping the needy like Christ asked us to do as Christians you can start your own journey. The real Christian journey starts from actions in likeness to Christ and not words to bring down someone else’s. If we are both working for the same Boss, why the eye service?? Trying to make someone bad but urself good??? There’s no need for that. Remember there are two natures all you do is talk and talk about Mr T.B. Joshua. That’s fine bcos that’s all you can ever fight against with your lies. You can only attack the flesh you see But you will never tarnish the image of the second nature which is PROPHET T.B. Joshua bcos you are human and can’t compete with that. How can you even fight what you don’t see ?? Let God be the judge and not you. Focus on helping the poor the sick and healing those in need rather than spend all your time at the media house with a stupid book and not even the bible in your hand talking about someone else that’s not Christianity. Christ never went to media house to talk and bring down someone else. He never wasted His time talking about the devil. He simply Cast out demons Actions. Rather than mere words. He showed His faith, His power. Go sit your arse down somewhere with your 400 page book of lies and bi polar allegations and carry your bible bcos that is the only thing that makes you a Christian and not some useless book that cannot change the lives of people. Let the lives you change speak for your true work in the vineyard.

  11. I say it again, as Jesus died and on third day he rose again, T.B JOSHUA is here and he will be there,since devil has got many sheep’s that for lost,he will try to use there kidnapped souls to do more evil but at the end of the day they are the one to die in process, he will live for more years and it will continue hurting devil but as still the gospel will be given to people of God? and after seeing light they won’t go back to devil ,And Our strong mighty hand of God? will keep him safe,its shame to devil and Jesus is winner in each and every battle, T.BJ forever

  12. Why isn’t the prophet suing the accusers? Sometimes it’s good to speak up otherwise silence may be taken for guilty conscience. I know it’s good to let the Lord fight our battles… But for a woman to go to the extreme of writing a book of about 400pages is outrageous. How is it possible to lie in 400 pages? An accusation is reasonable and can be considered a lie.. But an extreme narration is worth looking into. Why did God allow the publishing of such a mess? We do know that Jesus was called names but no one went to the extreme of writing a huge book to defame his character. At this stage, it’s hard knowing who to believe since Bisola seem to be pointing people to Jesus instead of the Prophet who seem to be pointing people to himself. I saw a video that was made of him being stranded while doing charity work in Ecuador.. Most of the comments was praising the Prophet for his love and humility. Why so much attention on him and not Jesus? I didn’t see him preach Christ to the farmers he met or asked if they have found salvation. We have come to the point where it’s not just about character but true Christian accountability where Christ takes the center stage and not man.

    As much as I’d love to defend him, I’m concerned about the length of writing done to destroy his character. Someone should be suing someone. Silence means acceptance of defamation of character.. This book is capable of destroying his legacy and all the works he has spent years to build if he’s in fact legit. He needs to come out and sue the woman and we need to hear his version.

    To mention so many names of people who are still alive In a huge book is derogatory and worth questioning.

  13. I don’t believe anything from this site. Obviously I won’t be surprised if TB Joshua pays this site to post his news. Are there no other news stories that are important? Stop promoting a false pastor. All of you are idolators.

    • U r an idiot to say this but may Gos 4give me by using such words but I k8st have to.

    • hey poor people with poor faith, people of political instability, wickedness of mind and deposed mental capability. why dont ask yourself why you belong. Europeans with money are happy with the work of faith. poor malawians are happy with the gossip of evil. The bible says battle is not with flesh. but God’s vengeance. TBJ started the ministry before the inception of you gossips. you just heard of TBJ now but he had been raining before the evolution TV.

  14. Hey you people from Malawi, you don’t have any stories to tell!???. Leave Tb Joshua alone. The man has done so much for the world. Talk about your prophet bushiri instead. Please.

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