A lady, Eunice Ugonwa took to her Facebook page to share a video of a blind man in Imo state grinding beans and pepper for her to make a living.

She was out in search of a place to grind when she was directed to this man’s place.

Lailas News online paper understands that Ugonwa could not believe her eyes when she got there and found out it was a blind man that was in charge and running his business.

Blind man in Imo State grinding pepper to make a living (Video) - lailasnews

See her post below.

On Saturday I was looking for a place to grind my beans for moi moi…I went to three places and met only the grinding machines without anyone to grind for me. I wanted to go home when a good Samaritan directed me to another place. Guess who i met there. A blind man! Totally blind.

“How can this man grind this beans” I said to myself …”who will assist him with the water” etc. I was so surprise to see that he is more coordinated than those with their two eyes.

This is a blind man……he did not think of taking sniper bc of his condition, he did not use the opportunity to start begging on the road side…he is faithful to his work, even when all his neighbours left he was still around believing that a customer will come. He is hard working, neat and I think he is the right person to help…he lives in a zinc house where he also use as his shop. His shop/house is located at MCC road after mountain of fire.I think he deserve to be encouraged.

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