Minibus operators riot in Malawi
Minibus operators cause havoc in Blantyre, Burning tyres in streets

Normal business has been disrupted in Blantyre, the commercial city of Malawi as angry minibus operators are causing havoc in protest to the new road policies initiated by the Road Traffic Directorate.

Maravi Post established that the said policies are aimed at reducing road accidents which have already claimed lives of over 109 people within a period of six months this year.

Among the policies include stopping minibus operators from carrying bags of maize or any other heavy goods inside the minibus and if found the driver and conductor will serve a five year jail term or pay K20, 000 fine, those are parking their minibuses wrongly should pay a fine of K20, 000 or going to prison for five years.

Other include barring customers stand in minibuses and if found the driver and conductor will go to jail for ten years or pay a fine of K200, 000 while those carrying passengers beyond the minibus limit should go to prison for two years without a fine.

According to our source, four people have already been arrested in connection to the development. The development has angered the minibus operators who demand the Road Traffic Directorate to abolish such polices.

As in this morning, angry minibus operators across the city of Blantyre have down tools and blocked many roads by burning tires.

Our source also said one minibus in Ndirande has been torched as the operator did not join his colleagues. Vendors and other passengers are stuck at depots with their goods.

Law enforcers are yet to go to the streets as usual, to disperse the angry minibus operators.

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