LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Busted! It has been revealed that former President Peter Mutharika’s security aide Norman Chisale and Ben Phiri have connived with the Malawi Defence Force commander Peter Namathanga to siphon a whooping MK3 billion from taxpayers in a dubious deal of uniform purchase.

Namathanga who was appointed by former president Peter Mutharika as Malawians were gearing for the fresh presidential election, has been reported to have made the decision to award a contract to the undeserving Asian who is offering his services at an exorbitant higher price instead of awarding it to the lowest bidders and those deserving it.

Information within MDF is rife that there are other Asians who tendered their bids so that they get an opportunity of supplying uniforms to MDF.

But unfortunately, Namathanga has favoured one of the undeserving Asian so that there should be an easy siphoning of MK3 billion that will be later shared among the three and the contractor.

Information on our desk is revealing that Namathanga, through his boy Colonel M’dala, is pleading with Mr Hausi, who is the boss at the Directorate of Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets so that he should endorse the dubious contract as having been legitimately given to the Asian.

The country’s procurement laws state that when awarding a contract, government should ensure that 60 percent of contractors should be indigenous Malawians and 40 percent should be contractors from other countries.

Mutharika replaced General Vincent Nundwe with an inexperienced home boy Namathanga after noting that the former general was not bowing to the demands of the Democratic Progressive Party top brass.

Chisale and Phiri took the advantage of the replacement. The two did not leave a stone unturned until they influenced Namathanga so that he should give a contract to the Asian in question.

Chisale is currently under police custody for numerous charges; fraud, murder suspected to have committed during former President Peter Mutharika’s DPP leadership.

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