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MZIMBA-(MaraviPost)– The embattled Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa on Saturday danced to tune of shame after his superior Gawa Undi sidelined him and opted for junior Chewa chief Masambankhunda to represent Gawa at Ngoni Uthetho’s ceremony in Mzimba.

The function was attended by numerous dignitaries including members of opposition political parties such as the MCP and PETRA, represented by the leadership – Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Kamuzu Chibambo

Visibly frustrated Chief Lundu walked out of the function in protest to Undi’s selection of Traditional Authority (T.A.) Masambakhunda, to represent him, tactically, snubbing Lundu who is senior.
Lundu could not believe it was true until it was on his doorsteps and, embarrassed, he walked away from the function — dejected and belittled.

Sources informed the the Maravi Post that Lundu was overtly defeated, sweating and shaking his head in disbelief, accompanied by some visibly angry aides whisking the disgraced Lundu to some unknown area.

The function was colorful and Lundu, according to the source, came confident that he will speak on behalf of the Chewa supreme chief, Gawa Undi.

However, things turned acidic for Lundu when Director of Ceremonies at the function announced that Masambankhunda of Lilongwe was the one to represent Gawa Undi.

This upset Lundu who considers himself head of Chewa’s in Malawi, owing to his title of Paramount.

The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity, who is one executive member of the Chewa heritage groups, expressed disappointment in Lundu and calls for him to be dethroned being Paramount.

“Lundu is disrespectful and has always been. He feels too big and looks at himself as powerful. He does not respect Gawa Undi and that is unfortunate,” said the member.

Lundu seems to base his importance on his political affiliations. Due to this, Gawa Undi does not trust Lundu anymore.
Lundu is always in the media for wrong the reasons. First it is to do with his political rhetoric in support of the current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), when the chiefs are supposed to be non partisan.

A few weeks ago Lundu in a bid to appease his political masters, attacked the founder of ECG church Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and threatened that the church is not welcomed in Chikwawa.

This is against a background that Malawi is a democracy; and chiefs do not have powers to ban any church.

As for Lundu to walk out on the delegated power of Gawa Undi, is considered to be one of the most disrespectful thing for the head of Chewas in Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.


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