Tilitonse Foundation has challenged communities in the area of Traditional Authority Tambala in Dedza to demand access to right information on issues surrounding the administration of the National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF) loans.

The organisation’s Chief Executive Officer Robert White made the call on the sidelines of a review meeting of a year long project dubbed Enhancing transparency and accountability on NEEF loan scheme which the foundation is funding Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD) to implement in the two Traditional Authorities, (T.As) Tambala and Kachere in the district.

White observed that despite the project bearing fruits, communities in the district are failing to demand answers on why some processes of the loan administration are delaying.

“People need to build confidence and realise that they have the responsibility to be provided with the necessary information regarding the social service that NEEF is providing to the citizens of the area so that they should be fully aware of how the process conducted,” said White.

He added on the need for ctizens to knock on the doors of service providers so that they should be providing the services as required.

Tambala Area Development Committee Chairperson Esinta Benjala attributed the problem to fear by communities to voice out their concerns.

“As leaders of community development structures, we will ensure that we are sourcing people’s views so that they should be chanelled to relevant authorities for action,” Benjala said.

Since the commencement of the project earlier this year, 24 women and youth groups and members of the business community have accessed the NEF loans in T/A Tambala in the district.

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