The bill seeks to protect musicians like Lucious Banda
The bill seeks to protect musicians like Lucious Banda

LILONGWE (Maravi Post)—Copyright Bill tabled by the Minister of Sports and Culture Grace Chiumia on Thursday has been the first bill to be appreciated by all Members of Parliament (MP) in the August house, Maravi Post has established.Other bills brought chaos and divisions in the house as members especially from the opposition side failed to support it. A case in point is the customary land bill as well as the access to information bill among other.

Presenting the bill in Parliament, Chiumia said that the bill will help to eliminate piracy issues among others.

“Through the bill, all piracy culprits will be forced to pay K10 million fine from K250, 000 as was in the past,” said Chiumia.

“As a concerned ministry, we believe that this will protect the Malawian artists from getting nothing out of their sweat,” she added.

According to the Sports Minister, any artist infringed from such malpractice will receive K700, 000 from the fine paid by the perpetrators.

The bill did not take time to pass in the Parliament as both members welcomed it saying it is the future for Malawian artists.

Malawian artists have been pushing parliament to pass the bill for some years till today.

In his remarks, one of the renowned artists Bon Kalindo who is also the MP for Mulanje South appealed for government to make sure that the bill is implemented.

He said artists are part of employment source in the country hence it is important to be protected.

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