Aries: (Mar 21- Apr 20) A new strategy worked out by some retail store owners are likely to find footfalls increasing and cash registers ringing! Your insistence on doing things your way at work will lead to success. Family may rally behind you to implement something big on the domestic front.

Lucky Color: Sea Green, Lucky Number: 20 

Taurus: (Apr 21- May 20) Those hoping for immediate gains from an investment may get disappointed. Shopping for essentials may prove heavy on the pocket, so tweak your list of essentials a bit. Some official work may come up today and impinge on your personal time. Lucky Color: Silver, Lucky Number: 14

Gemini: (May 21- Jun 21) Enjoying the evening with like-minded people cannot be ruled out for some. There is a good chance of close encounters with a person you secretly love, so take steps to make it last long! A journey may prove hectic.  Lucky Color: Brown, Lucky Number: 3 

Cancer: (Jun 22- Jul 22) A new household item is likely to be procured by some. Work pressure may compel you to put romance on a low key. Parents or a family elder may be insistent in making you do something that you don’t want to. Lucky Color: Maroon, Lucky Number: 11 

Leo: (Jul 23- Aug 23) Your attempts to keep those who matter close may make you go out of your way to win them over. Money lent to someone may take some time to come back. Differences with spouse over something trivial need to be sorted out, before it becomes a big issue! Lucky Color: Grey, Lucky Number: 17 

Virgo: (Aug 24- Sep 23) Travelling on a vacation is likely to charge you for the challenging official routine. A causal meeting with someone of opposite gender may develop into something serious on the romantic front. Monetary gains are foreseen, as money flows in.  Lucky Color: Indigo, Lucky Number: 6 

Libra: (Sep 24- Oct 23) Plans for a short vacation overseas may spring up. A colleague’s constant interruptions may affect your performance at work. Financial crunch will be eased out with support from spouse’s savings. Lucky Color: Beige, Lucky Number: 25 

Scorpio: (Oct 24- Nov 22) Raising a home or automobile loan will not pose much difficulty. Some of you may turn your attention to the home front and rearrange the interiors. Don’t try your hands in speculation today. Lucky Color: Violet, Lucky Number: 9 

Sagittarius: (Nov 23- Dec 21) Don’t worry; consider plan B to approach the financial authorities. A party is likely to bring you on the centre stage. Peace and harmony is yours for the asking on the domestic front. Lucky Color: Yellow, Lucky Number: 2 

Capricorn: (Dec 22- Jan 21) Hectic work schedule may threaten to impinge upon your leisure time. Those travelling on a business trip will find things working out favorably. Forget about the expenses and live the happy moments. Lucky Color: Light Blue, Lucky Number: 14 

Aquarius: (Jan 22- Feb 19) Your expertise in strategizing the projects will be much in demand at work. Follow a steady approach and don’t take long strides on the love front. Much excitement awaits you on a soon-to-materialize leisure trip. Lucky Color: Peach, Lucky Number: 8 

Pisces: (Feb 20- Mar 20) You may feel your goals out of reach, but a focused approach will help you reach to them. More efforts are required to show your true mettle on the academic front. Financial transactions need to be handled with care. Lucky Color: Golden, Lucky Number: 1




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