Aries: (Mar 21- Apr- 20)Your positive gesture on the social front is certain to be appreciated, although it may not be expressed in words. You will be able to raise the capital for investing in something big. It is prudent to keep your romance under wraps. A great time on vacation is foreseen for some. 

Lucky Color: Green, Lucky Number: 3 

Taurus: (Apr 21- May 20) You will be much more tolerant to outside suggestions and even thaw towards people you dislike. Those preparing for something important will be able to find their focus. Love life is set to improve by mutual efforts. Health remains satisfactory through own efforts.

Lucky Color: Peach, Lucky Number: 15 

Gemini: (May 21- Jun 20)  Property matters are likely to get resolved in your favour. Planning out things in advance will help you in coping with your workload on the professional front. Financially, your money multiplies. Regular workouts will keep you in shape. 

Lucky Color: Saffron, Lucky Number: 21 

Cancer: (Jun 21- Jul 20) Moneywise, you will find yourself in a comfortable position, as money flows in. You will need to get updated professionally to come at par with new entrants. Give whatever you have borrowed from someone, before he or she reminds you of it.

Lucky Color: White, Lucky Number: 10 

Leo: (Jul 21- Aug 20) You will succeed in adhering to a tough fitness regime. A healthy bank balance is likely to boost up your confidence. A social event may find you in your element. Tensions in the family are set to evaporate. Travelling with someone close will be fun.

Lucky Color: Pink. Lucky Number: 2 

Virgo: (Aug 21- Sep 20) Socially, you will go out of your way to help some and earn praise. Emotional bonds get strengthened through mutual caring and sharing. You are likely to look your best today to win over someone special on the romantic front!

Lucky Color: Grey, Lucky Number: 16 

Libra: (Sep 21- Oct 20) You may be invited on an exciting trip. Those looking for a suitable accommodation are likely to get lucky. Lover is likely to spring a pleasant surprise today. Participating in a competition may find you giving your best. Financially, you are likely to grow stronger. You remain socially popular.

Lucky Color: Purple, Lucky Number: 9 

Scorpio: (Oct 21- Nov 20) Don’t take risks on the health front, especially in this changing weather. Don’t trust your money even with trusted people. Meeting someone close will prove therapeutic. Romance promises to infuse some excitement in your life.

Lucky Color: Red, Lucky Number: 12 

Sagittarius: (Nov 21- Dec 20) Those playing the stocks will fare well. Health of a family member is likely to show marked improvement. It is best steer clear of disagreements and arguments at home. Spouse may have something to tell you, so give a sympathetic ear.

Lucky Color: White, Lucky Number: 3 

Capricorn: (Dec 21- Jan 20) You are likely to enjoy an exceptional outing with your near and dear ones. Spouse may have romantic ideas today, so play along! Those travelling by road are certain to make good time. Health remains satisfactory.

Lucky Color: Blue, Lucky Number: 26 

Aquarius: (Jan 21- Feb 20) Previous investments are poised to give handsome returns. Love is in the air and you will muster the courage to approach the one you love. Shifting to a better residence or office is possible. You will have to keep the pressure on to get a task executed by subordinates.

Lucky Color: Beige, Lucky Number: 4 

Pisces: (Feb 21- Mar 20) Spouse will be more than eager to discuss something that affects the family, so be all ears. You will be able to establish yourself firmly on the professional front. Your hard work and dedication to task will be hard to ignore. Good foresight will allow you to save for important things. You remain fit and energetic.

Lucky Color: Brown, Lucky Number: 8



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