Chatinkha and Callista
Chatinkha chidzanja Nkhoma and Callista Mutharika

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma who has reacted with indignation to the expulsion from Malawi Congress Party (MCP) by embattled MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera, has confirmed that she is challenging the actions in court in a public Facebook posting made available to The Maravi Post.  Chatinka in part wrote the following:


 “To avoid misleading the public, the three cases at hand are against Reverend Chakwera, Mr. Potiphar Chidaya and MCP as a party. 

All the defendants were present when the server visited them and refused to be served. The documents being served had to be served by 4pm that day according to the instructions from the Court.  The case is to be heard on 20th September. 

Upon instruction from his bosses, and after noticing that the situation had grown tense, the Server was informed to leave the documents at the gate where the Youth Leaguers and Lazarus Chakwera’s bodyguards, pounced on him both with verbal and violent physical attacked in the presence of Reverend Chakwera and other party officials. Mr. Chidaya hid in his office throughout this ordeal. 

 The Youngman was badly beaten and stripped naked. The matter is with the police. MCP will now be accountable to the Courts and not me nor the public for their actions.

Meanwhile MCP has condemned the act of violence and proper disciplinary action will be taken…

We, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), wish to condemn in the strongest terms the harassment of Mr. Jolamu Mpangeni, the Process Server (Messenger) of Gondwe and Attorneys at the gate of the MCP Head Offices by a few misguided individuals yet to be identified by our institutional investigations currently underway.

We are a Party that does not subscribe to violence as a recourse to solving any differences or any misunderstandings. Violence is not sanctioned at any level of the party, hence our strong stance against this alleged or any violence whatsoever within.

Chatinkha has vowed to fight her expulsion from the party which she views as without justication. She also insists that the Reverend Lazarus Chakwera has no authority to sanction her.

Chatinkha told journalists in Lilongwe that what the party leadership is doing to expel some members in the party for speaking out is an indication of the growing lack of intraparty democracy in the MCP.

“I did not apply to Join MCP but I was born and brought up in MCP. Even Lazarus Chakwera himself found me in MCP so where have you seen or heard a tenant evicting the Landlord,” queried Chatinkha.

The party, well known for its brutal 30-year rule, is embroiled in power struggle with the leadership expelling from the party those with dissenting views




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