Desperately DPP operatives caught in the calabash of fake President Mutharika endorsements; Latest being of Quadria Muslim Association


By Charles Kabwazi

In panickingly trying to portray good image of the leadership desperately seeking  second term of office ahead of May 21, 2019 polls, some notable operatives in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have been caught pants down in the act of spinning the ongoing fake endorsements of President Peter Mutharika.


The revelation has come after inside sources in the Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi have refuted the ongoing reports that the religious grouping had on Wednesday endorsed President Mutharika.


“We were only invited by the President for a discussion concerning problems that we are facing as a grouping, and then afterwards we were told to have a group photograph before we left the presidential premises without anything concerning an endorsement transporting in our discussions,” said the source and continued:

“Then we were surprised to hear reports on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation  (MBC) and on other propaganda news outlets echoing lies about us endorsing Mutharika.”


According to information reaching this publication, the fake endorsement team is being headed by the party’s Director of Elections, Dr. Ben Phiri with other auxiliary operatives in the name of Advisor on Domestic Policy, Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba, the party’s Spokesperson Nicholas Dausi and Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Apostle Timothy Khoviwa.


So far, the fake endorsement team managed to coax the man rejected by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)  Chikomeni Chirwa to portray a picture that the rasta community in the country have endorsed President Mutharika, a lie that has since hit a wall as the rastas in the country have refuted and trashed the claim.


Barely two days ago, the DPP fake endorsement team on Mutharika had targetted the minority and weak breakaway body, Islamic Commission for Justice and Peace (ICJP) for its fake endorsement mission but was subsquently hit back by the Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF).


In the bogus statement pictured in the context of sheer propaganda, it was among other things  claimed that, the Quadria Moslem Association of Malawi endorsed Mutharika for re-election after it had noted some of the President’s virtues as being tolerant and slow to anger even when provoked.


However, avid political and religious followers have in several instances faulted Mutharika for his  temper tantrums publicly expressed in political rallies that translated to threats like: “I will drop on you a tonne of bricks”.


Such hot tempers have repeatedly been described as “not befitting a leader” and in no way among virtues of a good leader.

But when contacted,  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Presidential Running mate Sidik Mia who is a Muslim and commands a large following of Moslems saying he is not moved by any fake attempts by those misleading Mutharika about propaganda concerning Moslems.

Mia observed that true Moslems cannot be swayed by any amount of falseness and lies.

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