Cubert Kachale
Cuthbert Kachale, is a MalawianSocial Media Activist based in Zimbabwe

Cuthbert Kachale, is a Malawian based in Zimbabwe. Mr Kachale studied at Box 2 (Zomba Catholic Secondary School from 1961-64). He was at Chancellor College, UNIMA 1965-70 where he graduated with a BSc in Chemistry and Economics. He worked for the Reserve Bank of Malawi (1970-72), MINIED (1972-78, taught at Chichiri, Balaka, Box 2, Chiradzulu), before going to MCE&TB, now MANEB (1979-81).

He escaped Kamuzu Banda’s rule and went to Zimbabwe in November 1981. There he worked for MONIED HQ Zimbabwe 1982 -88, Schools Psychological Services (1982-84), headed Exams Administration (1984-88), facilitated localization from Cambridge to Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council, ZIMSEC and wrote draft for ZIMSEC constitution. He did further studies at Cambridge in 1986.


He now runs an own educational institution where they have broken the ‘sound barrier’ in education, running A Level programmes for only one academic year for the average student and six months for the extra bright or gifted children.


By mystical, philosophical and scientific association, he is a Rosicrucian, first and foremost. He belongs to the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) which began in Egypt in 4000 BC under Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, husband to the renowned Nerfetiti. Amenhotep IV became Pharaoh Aknaton after he became the first man in recorded history to ‘discover’ in 4000 BC that there is only ONE GOD. AMORC is now all over the world with its HQ in San Jose California.


On Nyasanet, Mr Kachale is fondly known as Mzee because of his wisdom, experience and historical knowledge of Malawi and Africa.

As a social Media Activist Respected Kachale shared the following about Minister George Chaponda:

Colleagues, on Thursday 16 Feb 2017 at 17:35 I had a direct altercation with Hon George Chaponda on Messenger. He responded exactly 10 minutes later at 17:45. Here it goes.

17:35 Mzee: “Why are you so tribalistic and so anti-northerner. Your [elder] brothers Lawson and Lewis were not. You are the most educated in your family. Just apologies to Malawians about your corrupt tendencies and wrong doing. You are a lawyer and a legislator. The Honourable thing is for you to resign, if at all you have any love for your country left in your heart. Greed and corruption are not in the best of interests to our country. Please just resign. It is the only Honourable option left.”

17:45 Hon George Chaponda: “Never ever to resign”

17:48 Mzee: “Very well. I admire your courage. However, the interests of our country, our own country, should reign supreme and we should allow sanity, justice and fairness to prevail. Your courage should be viewed in the context of the needs of the people 2 Malawi taken as a whole. I wish you good luck.”

There was no further communication.

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