Malawi President Mutharika

There has always been a tendency in Malawi to underestimate President Peter Mutharika because he is soft spoken and more deliberate than his firebrand brother Former President Bingu WA Mutharika.

Joyce Banda was the first to learn that lesson. When Bingu asked her and the party to support Peter as the heir apparent, Joyce Banda revolted and become President by default. However, her Presidency was short lived as she lost to Mutharika in the 2014 Elections.

Saulos Chilima made the same mistake and lost.

The Malawi Judiciary has decided to join the fray by ruling against Mutharika at every step forcing this election do-over. They have forced a 50 plus 1 and an alliance of many parties in Malawi with no common agendas except one, Un sit Peter Mutharika at any cost.

However twice now Peter Mutharika has shown a better reading of the Malawi voter than his opponents including experienced politicians such as Former President Joyce Banda.

When he picked Saulos Chilima many in the DPP scoffed, why would he pick someone with no political experience. Peter Mutharika proved them wrong and he prevailed.

When he picked Everton Chimulirenji the same was said, how can you pick someone who can hardly speak English. He once again prevailed until the Judiciary decided to join in the fray.

The Genius of APM in Selecting Everton Chimulirenji

He has now settled for Atupele Muluzi knowing he has to get over 50% to be declared winner. Does he have another surprise for the Malawi Electorate?

 In the next few days of the campaigning he has promised to crisscross the country. According to reports President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika will embark on a country wide tour beginning as follows:

On Wednesday, 17th June 2020, the President will depart Blantyre for Lilongwe and make a stopover at Ntcheu Boma at 12:00 o’clock.

At 3 O’clock, the Malawi leader will address people at Biwi Triangle in the city of Lilongwe.

A statement from the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC) says on Thursday, 18th June, the President will at 11 O’clock address people at Mzimba Boma.

Later the same day at 2 O’clock, the Malawi leader will be at Chitipa Boma and finally at 4 O’clock the President will address people at Karonga Boma.

Does Peter Mutharika have another surprise for his foes? remains to be seen

Elwin Mandowa is the Founder and Managing Editor of The Maravi Post

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