Malawi’s security has gone to the dogs. That’s it. It seems, slowly but steadily, we’re degenerating into some country of chaos. Since only heavens know when, we have, as a country, been famous for nothing except the fact that we’re one of the poorest countries in the world. But, if the recent developments as far as the security of Malawi are anything to go by, we could have as well added ourselves another accolade in the name of “the best underperforming country (security) of the year.”

What is not going right at our Police Service? Which ‘101 Policing’ handout has our dear good Inspector General Loti Dzonzi lost at Area 30? Is he tired?

Look, we can’t just be sitting relaxed at our homes eating Mgaiwa and Bonya while our brothers and sisters are getting hacked, our banks are getting robbed and so on and so forth.

You see, not long ago some members of the Malawi Police Service (MPS), for which Dzonzi is CEO, used their probably ‘101 Intelligence’ knowledge to break into former President Bingu wa Mutharika Casablanca Manor at Ndata Farm in Thyolo where they – funny or sad enough –managed to steal some electrical sockets and such small electrical appliances.

Now, if Dzonzi – good’ol Dzonzi – cannot manage to discipline his own boys, how can he contain mere thugs in the slums of Chibavi, Ndirande and Ntandile? How can he, when, right at the centre of the estate he is managing some of his own are trying to be more witty than him? Something is wrong!

And; Dzonzi must explain – or tell us that he is no longer capable. After all, does he not enjoy some meaty allowances and so on from our taxes? He must be responsible!

Honestly, it is heart-rending – in a space of four months or is it 10 weeks? – for a small country like Malawi to have serious crimes of robbery in which not just thousands but billions of kwacha have been stolen.

The other day it was a Portuguese national Da Silva [may his soul rest in peace] being shot dead for his K1.5 million right at the porch of his residence. And, a few days later, is it not three or four Catholic parishes that were broken into and robbed of more millions of kwacha across the country?

… And then in Mzuzu, did we not here of some simple looking persons get into Standard Bank and go away with over K538 million, over half a billion? Recall how much was recovered? Just about K418 million!

Yet, our good’ol prof in the name of Arthur Peter Mutharika – President of the Republic of Malawi – was in town the other afternoon at Masintha Grounds in the capital Lilongwe saying the two policemen who had helped recover part of the money that was stolen at Mzuzu Standard Bank should be rewarded with promotion immediately. Shame!

Some policemen, we still don’t know who, by chance, for sure, intercepted some robbers with a whole load of cash and the whole President of a Republic goes to town to say they should be promoted. What? It was idiotic for the good’ol Prof APM [don’t mind my language here for he has used the word stupid more than I can remember] to rant such a statement before truth on who went away with over K100 million was established. Good people, don’t you think these two cops could be behind the missing over one thousand K1 000 kwacha notes that have since vanished into thin air?

Maybe it is good that a few days ago some courageous robbers broke into Afana Saulos Chilima’s residence aka Mudi House in the capital. What a nice wake-up call! Maybe Dzonzi and his boss Peter will now have to think twice, knowing pretty well that they could be the next targets.

But, in case they think they are more than safe, our good dear Dzonzi must explain. What is the direction of our national security? Where are we heading to as a country security wise? Are we safe? If we are not, then why is he still getting salaried? Mustn’t he leave Area 30 and go to wherever he calls home village?

Well, if our good’ol prof overlooks all this and tries to keep Bwana Dzonzi at Area 30 then we even have a bigger problem. But, by the way, who said a sitting president cannot be relieved of his duties in a democratic country?

My sober Friday Thoughts anyway…


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