During the recent Webbys, Evastories, an Instagram account started by Mati Kochavi and his daughter Maya won an award. Mati, who comes from a family of holocaustsurvivors, decided to tell the story of Eva Heyman, who was a 13-year-old victim of the holocaust.

Eva had documented the 1944 German invasion of Hungary and what transpired after. Apart from the diary of Anne Frank, Eva’s account went to show just how the Jews suffered during the holocaust period.

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The holocaust in modern times

The film was recreated to somehow fit the modern world but still retained the evens as they were. Some of the scenes were recounted and enacted by paid actors to bring more lifeto the story. It was also told mainlythroughInstagram stories with modern-day captions to make it have a sense of modernism. It was as if Eva was living in the present-day world.

Mati and Maya decided to use these hashtags because they wanted the younger generation to get a feel of what happened in the past. Instagram is one of the apps most youngsters use, and therefore using it as a medium to pass the information about the genocide was an ingenious move.

The Eva Stories account has over 1.6 million followers and keeps growing by the day. More people interact with the content, which shows just how well the message is being received.

Million dollar budget

Even though the film was posted using theInstagram interface, it was a multimillion-dollar budget that involved over 400 staff of both cast and crew. There were so many elaborate sets built, and everything was set in the 1940s to make it as relatingto the times as possible. You feel drawn into time as you live through the story.

The story line

The story starts cheerfully as an actor playing Eva introduces us to the accounts and talks about her life, just like any other teenager’s life. She is in school and even has a boy she likes. As time goes by, however, the story gets darker as the Nazis invade Hungary. 

The Nazis invade Hungary take away her parents’ businesses and make them wear stars. After a while, they are transported to Auschwitz. She was murdered eight months after she was sent to the camp. After the holocaust, Eva’s mother found her daughter’s diaries and had them published before she killed herself.

The conversation around the film

One of the things many people had an issue with when it came to the way EvaStories printed the story was the hashtags and the depiction of Eva in a modern light.

The hashtags are also a point where many people had an issue with the story. Most of the events were modified to fit a modern setting of online media. It started a lot of debate on whether the stories made sense or had been modernized to a point where they lost the meaning they initially carried.

Everyone could agree that the story was a great way toremind young people about the holocaust and its effects.

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