Orientation Workshop for Ministers and Deputy Ministers officially opened by the Vice President Rt. Hon. Everton Herbert Chimulirenji on Monday, 15th July, 2019
Pics Credit: Abel Ikiloni, Malawi News Agency (Mana) Photojournalist

Speaking to newly Minted cabinet Ministers who are attending orientation in Mangochi, Everton Herbert Chimulirenji said, at this point, let me now emphasize a point about the fight against corruption. Government stance against corruption remains zero tolerance. We shall fight corruption, fraud, theft and other economic crimes as evils that derail our efforts in the fight against poverty and underdevelopment.”

“As Ministers and Deputy Ministers, you are required to lead this fight. I urge you all to desist from engaging in corrupt practices. As His Excellency the President has said in the past, the law will take its course on any Minister, Deputy Minister or any public officer who will be proven to be involved in corrupt practices. I am happy that you will have a presentation on this subject, which will among other things highlight the penalties that the law prescribes for those proven to be engaged in corrupt practices.”

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