Pastor Hastings Salanje: 2030-40 President of the Republic of Malawi

South Africa based Pastor Hastings Salanje of the God’s Chapel Ministries is well known in his home country, Malawi and beyond the borders for his success, both spiritually and financially. He is a servant of God who has, not once but severally, told the public that vying for office of the country’s (Malawi) President is a demotion as compared to his current duty of serving the most High God.

However, on Tuesday the Pastor, in his facebook post, expressed interest of becoming president of the Republic of Malawi, from 2030-2040 to be specific. “In 2030 we will have a Government of young ones, we are tired of recycled politicians who don’t bring the change we want. This will be the Government of young Malawians with new brain to change Malawi. After serving God here abroad i will come back home to serve our people and our Country,” wrote Salanje on his facebook page.

Maneno Chimulala of the MaraviPost caught up with Pastor Hastings Salanje to get more about his dream of becoming the country’s president.

Maneno:  You are well known as servant of God, and vying for political position is something that you have been deriding. What has prompted you to start thinking of ruling Malawi?

Pastor Salanje: To be a politician is one thing I would not want to be, but it started in 2008 whereby I dreamed as if presidential elections were taking place and I was one of the people on the ballot box of which I emerged to be the winner of the presidential election . I have been praying against it but the more am praying against it the more am still dreaming these type of dreams.

Maneno: In 2025 Malawi will have another presidential election but you have opted for 2030. Is there anything special about that year?

Pastor Salanje: I have a lot of job to do from now to 2030. I would want to achieve a lot of things as a pastor on my own before I join politics.  I want if God bless me to build churches, build houses for the poor and do other developments.  I want to achieve a lot as an individual before I can join many people to run the country. So I told God that if he wants me to do that then it must be the last assignment. I must serve him first as a pastor hence 2030 is on the card.

Maneno: You are a pastor, and presently Malawi is under the leadership of Lazarus Chakwera who is also a pastor. Malawians have already expressed dissatisfaction of his leadership, accusing him of unfulfilled promises and indecisiveness. Do you think Malawians will give another pastor a chance to rule the country?

Pastor Salanje: Our current president is going to fulfill his promises but we just need to give him time; he has become a president at the wrong time where by Corona virus and many things are happening. I am not going to become a president because someone has failed, no, but because God wants me to play a role in building our country. I believe that God will do many things at that time.

Maneno: It is on record that you have been despising Malawians since you left the country for South Africa. Mostly, you label Malawians as jealousy and poor. Do you think they will trust you?

Pastor Salanje: I have never despised Malawians, but everyone knows that all Malawians are not the same. Trust starts with God. If God can trust me and ask me to do that, then its fine. This is not about trying to become one; this is about God asking me to do that and it will surely come to pass and the economy of Malawi will change. Joseph was made a prime minister by God in Egypt and Egypt prospered. So Malawians should expect Malawi to prosper during my presidency.

Maneno: It is undisputable fact that in Malawi people vote along tribal and regional lines, and currently we have Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as big parties with strong support base in the central and southern regions respectively. Should we expect you to join one of these two parties?

Pastor Salanje: Yes that is if is from a personal wish or desire, but if is a desire of God to make someone a president , then regional or tribal boundaries have got no effect. I only need 3 votes: God the father, God the holy spirit, and God the Son. Joseph was a foreigner in Egypt therefore he could not be made a prime minister, but when God say yes no Man can say no. More over is not my wish to do that and with the calling that I have in ministry and what God wants me to become as a world class pastor, I still maintain that it will be a demotion to serve as a president of one Nation and am still praying against it though I can’t continue praying against it. So that’s why I told God that if what am seeing is really talking about becoming a Malawi’s president, then let me do it as a last assignment. I don’t want my achievements to come from the presidency.

Maneno: As we are concluding, what advice do you have for the Tonse Alliance government under the leadership of President Lazarus Chakwera?

Pastor Salanje: To put more interest of the people than of friends and family. The president must have the heart for the poor people; people who are in need than the people who are capable of helping themselves. When God choose a person to lead a public office, the interest of God is to help the people who are not able to help themselves. I know that our president is God sent but interest of friends and family must be the last thing to do.

Maneno: Thank you very much Pastor for sparing time from your busy schedule. Have a blessed day.

Pastor Salanje: Have a blessed day too. Thanks.

Pastor Salanje
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