Women across the world from different communities wear waist beads with different reasons.

Some wear them to look attractive while others for fashion. Below are 5 reasons why women wear waist beads.

1: For Witchcraft

Some ladies wear waist beads as charms to win the heart of specific men that they have been chasing. Other ladies wear them to protect themselves from bad and evil spirits.

2: Tradition And Culture

Some cultures in some communities raise their women wearing the waist beads. These waist beads represent their culture and sometimes give them a sense of belonging.

3: Weight Watch

Women put on waist beads to check whether they have gained weight or not. If the bead is tight on their waist, it is a sign of gaining weight and if the bead is loose on their waist, it is a sign of losing weight.

4: Confidence

Some ladies always feel confident when they put on the waist beads.

5: Dancing Charms

In some countries like India, when women dancing, they put on waist beads. In Kenya, communities like Turkana put them on when dancing.

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