Former Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

HARARE-(MaraviPost)-On February 14, 2020, marks exactly two years after we lost the founding Father of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai.

His death shocked the whole Nation. He was an iconic leader of the struggle who fought a brave war for the democratization of the nation.

He will always be remembered as a great father and leader verified by his many works in the struggle.

When it comes to action, the late MDC President was steadfast and he urged us to be strong.  

The former Zimbabwe prime Minister Tsvangirai was a person who was not self centred.

He used to say, “We don’t want to be a one generation movement”, reinforcing his desire to pass reigns to younger generation. 

He urged us to support an alliance of hope, an alliance of vigilance, an alliance positive action, an alliance for a brighter future, and an alliance for active youth engagement.

While he was on his death bed, he said that replacing Mugabe with Mnangagwa without the fundamental reforms that are needed to transform the Institutions of the governance is just a wast of time.

He didn’t just talk words which did not come to pass. He was just like a prophet.

Morgan Tsvangirai was commonly known for saying that *”You can rig the Election, but you can not rig the Economy .”*

He also said that the introduction of bond notes is a way of trying to rig the economy and stealing from the people.

What he Said is exactly what we are experiencing. Mnangagwa is holding us with an ion fist more than what Mugabe did. Mthuli Ncube stole our money through his bond notes. Although he introduced bond notes the economy remains very poor.

While Tsvangirai predicted all this, he urged us to be strong and fight for freedom will not come in a silver plate.

Rest in Power Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai Rest in Power the Doyen of Democracy. 

Rest in Power Prophet Morgan Tsvangirai L.


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