It is time to STOP, Think, Reflect, Re-strategize and Re-launch. It is strange how we keep on doing what our forefathers did, our grandparents did, our parents did and they all failed… What makes us think we will get different results from the same formula, same actions, same mindset? Here is a list of the few things I am convinced have not worked so far…

 1) Thinking a hoe will help us end hunger

2) Believing rain-fed agriculture will bring food security
3) Believing politicians have our welfare at heart
4) Believing donors really care for us
5) Thinking we need thousands of people to bury one dead person!
6) Believing a job can give us financial security for life
7) Believing we will develop economically without promoting entrepreneurship
 Thinking someone in Europe and America should sacrifice their hard-earned income to feed and take care of our children, whom we bear without any plan on how we will feed and educate them.
9) Trusting “the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way” while doing nothing with our God-given talents and resources

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