Malawi President Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda has today issued a rather intimidating statement warning all Malawians and the media not to comment on the Paul Mphwiyo murder attempt saga. Part of the President’s statement reads; “In the meantime, I must warn everyone that I will not allow any government official or ordinary citizen to interfere with the ongoing investigations. I also appeal to the media and everyone to refrain from making speculative statements that will interfere with the investigations…”

The statement unfortunately is coming from a wrong individual and at a wrong time. President Joyce Banda has been named as the suspect who was allegedly receiving K300 million every week from the shot Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo in siphoned government money.

The same suspect President Joyce Banda announces she has ordered the Malawi Police and the Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate this case. Is this not a joke coming from the President? Fellow Malawians, let’s not get intimidated by these threats from the State President.

When intimidating statements like these start coming from the President just know that there is now too much heat in the kitchen. Let’s press on this case until justice is done. Let’s talk and write about this grandmother of thefts, corruption and fraud every second, minute, hour and day.

In this day and age, no person can tell me what to write and not what to. The battle continues. We want justice now. 

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