Written By Norman Gasa

I am the spokesperson for the Gasa family. We have largely kept away from the media, waiting for the matter to run its course. We have noted with dismay the delays, the provision of bail for a known fugitive from justice and now his application for a stay of trial. This cannot be so.

We have waited patiently for justice to prevail. We have drafted an open letter to Judge R. E Kapindu expressing our views. We would like this circulated far and wide, that we do not forget 2 lives were lost in this tragedy. Allowing Misozi to walk away would be a travesty of justice. We would appreciate it if you could also bring pressure to bear.

Open Letter to Judge R.E Kapindu, PHD:

died - 4th of August 2010 Linda Gasa
On or about the 4th of August 2010 Linda Gasa was murdered allegedly at the hands of Mr. Misozi Chanthunya

On or about the 4th of August 2010 Linda Gasa was murdered allegedly at the hands of Mr. Misozi Chanthunya. At only 26 years of age she was at the prime of her life, having just finalised her studies at the Malawi College of Accountancy. The very day she was due home she met with her gruesome death. Little did we know that her home coming would be after such a brutally tragic ending to her young life? To Justice R. E Kapindu, PHD the details of this matter before you, we are sure you are well versed in.

As a brief recap, Linda Gasa, a Zimbabwean studying and living in Malawi, was brutally murdered in Monkey Bay, Malawi. The cruelty and subsequent pain and trauma she endured, is beyond comprehension. The act of having one’s life taken away from you, by some-one who was meant to love and protect you, we just cannot understand. The cruel intent and the viciousness with which this brutal murder was carried out, makes one shudder. To poison, stab and then evacuate Linda’s womb and then entomb her in one’s holiday home, is an indication to us that this is the deed of an absolute monster who has no regard for human life.

The lengths gone to, just to try and dispose of her body, digging a grave and failing to go deep enough as the earth was to rocky, trying to throw her overboard, but the waters were too rough and this couldn’t be done! In death Linda refused to cast away like some used up rag doll, but fought back and made sure she was taken home. The coward that he is, Misozi fled and tried by all means to evade the long arm of the law. As it stands we believe that: – the murder was pre-meditated; her visit to Monkey Bay was for the express purpose of killing her and the unborn child.

    • There was motive (the pregnancy);
    • it was committed in the most inhumane way possible;
    • the accused has no remorse in that he lied and tried to cover up his deeds.
    • what boggles our minds up to today is that Misozi has not sent a word of condolence to any member of the Gasa family let alone her parents. Rather, he left this for his father to do. It is ironic that Misozi Chanthunya, fled justice fearing the death penalty if found guilty, yet felt absolutely no remorse taking the life of Linda Gasa. He fled knowing full well that he was a wanted fugitive from justice. It took a whole two years to capture him and a further four years to bring him to trial in Malawi. All the while he was seeking assurances that he would not be hung if found guilty by a court in Malawi, an assurance he was given, yet he persisted to abuse the justice system in South Africa by appealing extradition.

To claim that he was unaware that he was wanted by the police in Malawi and INTERPOL when his entire family there knew, is yet another blatant lie. Particularly so after his wife who knew that he was wanted, joined him in South Africa. Are we to believe that she never told him about being wanted by the police? This application for stay of trial is yet a further slap in the face for those that loved Linda, reopens wounds that have been struggling to heal and is an affront to justice.

The arrogance of this man knows no bounds. In our view we would be failing Linda, failing the good people of Malawi and making a mockery of the justice system if this application succeeds. We cannot fathom as to what Misozi could possibly say that could bring a halt to his trial. He has the luxury to defend himself, a right he denied Linda. We are aghast at the fact that Misozi Chanthunya was even granted bail, this is a man who fled justice, and tried by all means to evade extradition.

Lest we forget Judge Esmie Chombo had to recuse herself from the bail hearing as she was receiving death threats. We believe he manipulated the police into bungling the matter prior to his departure from Malawi and had border officials colluding with him to the fact that Linda Gasa had gone through the border.

Malawi’s Murder suspect Misozi Chanthunya granted bail

This is a dangerous man with no regard for the law, the sanctity of human life or anything or anyone else but himself. It would be unforgivable for this murderer to walk away scot free after such a heinous act. Linda was a reserved child that barely made ripples. She went about life in her own quiet unassuming way. She came from a family that loved and cherished her and would only want the best for her. All her dreams and aspirations were extinguished on the 4th of August 2010. With her passing a link in the family chain was broken, never to be the same again. Her loss has brought unbearable pain to the family, bringing this matter to trial and finality is only but a step in bringing this chapter to a close for the family.

We have waited nine long years to see justice being done, please do not deny us, and deny Linda, the chance at Justice.

Our only desire is that justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done. We write this open letter for no other purpose but to finally get justice for Linda Gasa. A young life taken so brutally and without any provocation whatsoever. It has been nine long years to get us to this point, please do not let the waiting have been in vain, please allow us to have the justice Linda deserves.



Regards The Gasa Family

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