Daily Horoscope
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Aries: You will be able to stabilise your position on the academic front. Those seeking a choice posting will have their prayers answered. Excellent teamwork will help you in beating a deadline at work. Meeting your near and dear ones cannot be ruled out. Those in love may contemplate taking their romance to the next level. You will have enough to spend.

Taurus: You will be able to deliver a crucial task much before the deadline at work. Difficulties faced on the academic front will be overcome. Assisting someone you don’t know will be a step towards expanding your social sphere. Extra vigilance is required on the road today.

Gemini: Your performance on the academic front will be heartening. Financial situation is all set to improve. Investing in a lucrative scheme is likely for some. A better understanding with partner will help in strengthening the loving bonds. Don’t overstrain on the exercise front. Keep a property issue on the hold.

Cancer: Despite this, someone from the opposite camp may exercise a strong pull on the romantic front that you may find hard to resist! Much fun is in store for those setting out on a leisure trip. Keeping good relations with a disliked person will make you feel good from inside. Quick thinking may help you on the academic front. Prevent wasteful expenditure.

Leo: A big achievement on the professional front is on the cards and promises to get you on to the forefront. On the academic front, you will find yourself fully prepared and in full form! A fresh avenue is likely to open up and add to your earnings. Your initiative on the social front is likely to be appreciated by all. 

Virgo: Disagreements and arguments will mark the family front today, if you are not careful. You may be highly disappointed by the performance of a child or sibling. Differences with lover may put paid to your plans for an evening out. If you are not in the right state, it is best not to take the wheel, as the consequences can be disastrous.

Libra: Things move satisfactorily on all fronts, but you will not remain contented with just this. Hunting talent to expand your professional ambit will be a step in the right direction. Many opportunities come your way for earning money, but you will not be impulsive and vet each one on its merit. It takes two to tango, so don’t shy away from keeping the other half happy.

Scorpio: You will be able to fine tune your body through dietary control. Construction work initiated by you threatens to stall, so give personal attention to it. Someone is likely to test your patience at work and make you do something impulsive. A showdown with spouse is possible, as you are in no mood to give in!

Sagittarius: Chance to spend quality time with lover is possible today. Good financial management will help save money for spending on other major requirements. Keeping a control over diet is important and will not prove difficult for you. Expect the unexpected on the academic front. Health remains satisfactory.

Capricorn: In your attempts to teach someone a lesson, you are likely to let some golden opportunities slip by on the professional front. A support you expect on the academic front may not materialise and put you in dire straits. Despite spending a good amount on investments, you will not get the kind of returns you expect on the financial front. You enjoy your time with friends. 

Aquarius: Those facing health problems are likely to find their condition improving. Overconfidence on the academic front may be your undoing, so don’t let that happen. Differences with a co-worker threaten to spoil the work environment. You may be tasked to organise something on the family front. Some adjustments may need to be made in a relationship.

Pisces: A feather in the cap is assured for some on the academic front. Adding to the wealth will not be too difficult as profits from various sources accrue. Family support at work will help you in focussing in a different direction. Your well wishers may add to your prestige and reputation on the social front.

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