Aries: A business meeting proves successful and promise to open avenues for some lucrative opportunities. Luck favours you and will help keep your flag flying high on the academic front. Those looking for love may find cupid smiling on them! Joining a group of health conscious individuals will help keep you trim and slim. Good returns are foreseen for house owners. 

Taurus: Meeting people for something important becomes important at this juncture. You are likely to plan out something with the family today. Those craving to meet the one they love will get the opportunity soon. You will manage to hold your own on the academic front. Hitching a ride with someone will save a lot of hassle.

Gemini: Performing beyond your own expectations cannot be ruled out for some on the academic front. Some good moves at work will bring you into superior’s focus and help you in stepping up your career. Much fun is waiting to happen on the social front, so go for it. Participating in a prestigious event on the social front is foreseen.

Cancer: Your excellent power of retention and recall promises to keep you in good stead on the academic front. Something done in the past at work is likely to show positive results now. You will have the money to splurge on yourself. Some family issues may need to be nipped in the bud, before they get out of hand. A workout routine may seem physically exacting.

Leo: Wealth may come to you by way of inheritance. A favourable day is foreseen for those taking up a new job. A family youngster can try your patience, but don’t lose your cool. A delay in meeting lover can make you waste some more time in wooing him or her. Pending tasks will not let you relax at work.

Virgo: A wait and watch policy is advised in matters involving money. Lover’s mood is likely to take a downswing, so remain alert. Efforts will be required to create good earning opportunities. Regular workouts will condition your body, leading to fitness. A competition can find you pitted against the best. Keep a track of your health.

Libra: Students will excel by providing full focus to the work at hand. Your efforts on the social front will be lauded and can even get you some kind of recognition. There is a ray of hope for those who have invested heavily, but not wisely, in speculation. A child or sibling may make you proud.

Scorpio: A cruise or an overseas journey is foreseen for some. It is best not to take any risk on the financial front, even if it is a calculated one. Things will go fine for those starting something new. Some of you are likely to performance well in a competition. Home front will become a fun place today as friends arrive.

Sagittarius: You can find it difficult to curb wasteful expenditure at home. A youngster may need to be taught the value of money. You can be ticked off for an incomplete job by a senior. Those pursuing a professional venture can falter in the first few steps. Romance rocks as you are swept off your feet by an opposite number! 

Capricorn: Day looks favourable for those pushing for a property deal. Chance of going on a vacation brightens as leave is granted. You are likely to upset lover due to your overbearing nature. Moodiness of spouse may have to be tackled tactfully. Spirituality will give you strength to overcome a difficult situation.

Aquarius: You banish negative thoughts from your mind as you move towards positivity. Some of you will be able to save enough to buy what you had always wanted. This is not the day to suggest something intimate to lover. Delays while travelling can upset your plans and force you to reschedule your itinerary. Marketing personnel fare well.

Pisces:  Some of you are likely to realise the folly of your ways and make amends. Socially the day looks inviting as you can be surrounded by friends and well wishers. You will help out a colleague at work. Lover or friend can play a practical prank on you, but it will all be in good fun. Couples recently married can expect the relationship to grow strong.

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