Daily Horoscope
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Aries: Professionals will do well to expand their area of influence by promoting themselves. Investing in a new venture can make you a little tight on the financial front. You are likely to give a social event a miss, but will be able to make up for it later. Love life remains satisfactory. 

Taurus: Realising your academic dreams becomes possible now, as luck turns favourable. Money is likely to flow in unabated and bolster your financial strength. Self-control will enable you to keep fit and energetic. A function may be organised in your honour and add to your prestige. You will be able to rekindle your love life and enjoy togetherness with the one you love. 

Gemini: You are likely to develop a soft corner for someone from the opposite camp and kick start a budding romance. Stars appear strong on the travel front, so don’t miss the opportunity to plan a short vacation. House owners are likely to rent out their premises at a good price. Keep your investment options open till you find the best.

Cancer: Professionals are likely to have a satisfying day today. Money flows in a steady stream and keep your coffers brimming. Health issues troubling some are likely to get resolved on their own. You can get on the wrong side of spouse over a trivial issue. Lover may accuse you of belying his or her trust on the romantic front.

Leo: Now you have got the money, you are likely to look for fame. Only good relationships can get you that. Your initiative at work is likely to be appreciated. Those who have stepped into the arena of social work will need to maintain their tempo. Tighten your belt a little for improving monetary situation. Cutting corners on a vacation may make it unexciting.

Virgo: Your involvement in organising a function or an event will be much appreciated. A blissful existence is foreseen for those newly married. Lover will be more than supportive in your hour of need. Present circumstances can compel you to chart your future course of action more carefully.

Libra: You are likely to burn the bridges by a few wrong professional moves, if you are not careful. It is best not to stay with someone indefinitely as your presence can be resented. Some unwanted guests can prove a waste of time and money. Lover is likely to thrust his or her plan on you, giving you little choice. Your health improves.

Scorpio: Those in business are likely to win a lucrative deal. Some of you can be lauded for good performance on the academic front. Good management of funds will save you enough for investing in bigger projects. You will manage to come closer to the person you secretly love. Keeping a positive outlook will keep domestic atmosphere peaceful. Those craving for a break may get one.

Sagittarius: Your style of functioning is likely to impress the persons above you. An outing with family may not be enjoyable and members can even make it a cribbing session. Not devoting much time to love is likely to affect romance adversely. Some of you may need to improve your earning potential to become financially secure. Health remains satisfactory.

Capricorn: A domestic event will go smoothly under your watchful eye. Lover will provide full support to your ideas. You will remain stable on the financial front. Homemakers will get a chance to implement their ideas on the home front. You are likely to take up an exercise regimen to keep fit.

Aquarius: Monetary benefits are likely to come in a venture undertaken by you. Advising and guiding someone correctly on personal matters will add to your reputation. Chances of getting a new job look bright for young professionals. Some of you are likely to meet an ideal match, who shares your hobbies and interests. An outing will prove most exciting.

Pisces: Feeling that people are out to take advantage of you may persist today, but may not be true. It may be difficult to make a client accept your views on the professional front. Family’s support will come when you need it the most. Those freelancing are likely to earn well today. A lucrative investment option comes your way.



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