Aries: Whatever you invest in is likely to multiply. Some of you may resume an exercise regimen to come back in shape. Winning an argument with spouse should not be your aim today, as it will only cause bad blood. Someone is likely to put a wet blanket on your romantic aspirations. Commuting today will be easy.

Taurus: Money saved previously may come in handy now. Family may have high expectations from you, so don’t disappoint. You may go out of your way to impress someone on the romantic front. Your persistence on achieving something will get immediate results. Choosing the right mode of travel is likely to make the journey comfortable. 

Gemini: Something favourable is likely to happen on the professional front. Job seekers will manage to land a suitable job. Those appearing for a tough competition stand a real good chance of clearing it. Fitness will be on your mind and may prompt you to take up an exercise routine. Distinct improvement in love life is indicated for those in love.

Cancer: Chance to put somebody you dislike on the mat may materialise on the family front. Your romantic stars appear strong, so expect your love life to rock! Ego problem with someone in authority at work cannot be ruled out. Don’t get sweet talked into investing in something dubious. Watch out for seasonal ailments. 

Leo: Some relief can be expected in the hectic pace set for you on the professional front. Those staying separated from family may get an opportunity to come home. Spending quality time with lover is indicated and will give an opportunity for a heart-to-heart talk. A home remedy is likely to work wonders for an ailment that has been troubling you.

Virgo: Someone ignoring you on the social front may warm up to you, so remain your own cordial self. A project may become all consuming for you on the academic front. Something you have launched may pay handsomely and promises to fill up your coffers. An invitation to a party or event is on the cards.

Libra: You will have to play your cards well on the professional front in order to manoeuvre yourself to a position of advantage. Pending work on the academic front may need your attention urgently. Arrival of an outsider may thaw strained relations on the family front. You may take time out meet someone you are attracted to on the romantic front.

Scorpio: A business trip is likely to be turned into a leisure trip. Achievements of a family youngster can make you proud. Window shopping with partner will not only be pleasurable, but also enhance togetherness. Leave applied for is likely to be sanctioned. You will manage to maintain your tempo on the academic front.

Sagittarius: Adopting some new fitness techniques and trying out herbal alternatives may work wonders for your health. At work, you are likely to make good progress in whatever has been tasked to you. Someone’s good financial advice may result in profits. Domestic front promises to be peaceful and family most accommodating.

Capricorn: You need to bring your career prospects in sharp focus in your present job and decide accordingly. Remaining in saving mode on the financial front is advisable. Problems on the health front will need to be addressed promptly, if you want to stay healthy. You may find it difficult to attend a social event, so make up for it later.

Aquarius: You will be most efficient today on the work front. There seems no problem on the monetary front. You can be prevented from doing something that you like by parents of a family elder. You may feel tormented as lover becomes incommunicado with you over some issue. It is best not to go for a drive with friends as stars don’t appear favourable.

Pisces: Romance rocks as you take special pains to ignite the flames of passion! A dubious investment is best avoided. Children will be most supportive and may strive to stand on their own two feet. Meeting people is on the agenda today and will keep you abreast with the latest.



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