LILONGWE (MaraviPost)–Deputy Inspector General of Malawi Police Dancan Mwapasa has urged the Judiciary to mete out stiff sentences to those found abducting, killing and tampering with or exhumations of graves of persons with albinism to get their bones for ritual and witchcraft in and outside Malawi.

Speaking in an interview with Maravi Post in Lilongwe yesterday after receiving a Petition on Abductions, killings and exhumation of graves of persons with albinism from the Stakeholders Action Group, Mapasa said no one has got rich because of the bones and parts of albinos.

“We are tightening our operation and all loopholes, now the investigation are underway to make sure that we get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible. I want to urge the police to nab all those reported and  those proven of abducting albinos should be given tough sentences,” said Mwapasa

Edward Chileka Banda of Citizen Alliance and Chair of Action Group in a statement highlighted the gap and concerns on Malawi Police conduct, among others he emphasized on delayed investigations of the cases concerning the killings, abduction and exhumations.

According to the Petition, some cases have been under investigations over a period of 6 months or 1 year. The development is causing delays to deliver justice and may in the process encourage would-be offenders.

He also stated that, limited investigations that do not bring enough evidence against perpetrators are negatively contributing to high cases of killing of persons with Albism.

According to Banda, the Petition marks a new chapter of anger, disappoint, despair, and frustrations as persons with albinism continue to come under attack. “The case of Mr. Fletcher Masina of  Ntcheu murdered on 24th May 2016 is a fresh blow to the country’s efforts to stop the killings,” he said.

The history of killings of persons with albinism in Malawi dates from long time ago. Therefore, the Action Group through the petition call for Police to re-arrest the suspect under bail, to come hard on police officers implicated in aiding suspects.

The stakeholders Actions Group comprises CSOs and Citizen Groups including Citizen Alliance (AC), Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM), National Advocacy Platform (NAP), CSO Joint Advocacy against the killings of persons with Albinism (CJAAKAN), Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), and the Youth Consultative Forum (YCF) among others.




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