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Duck hunting is a growing sport, though it’s not new. As an outdoor sport, It has been around since the days of our ancestors. Ducks are hunted for food, feathers and down, around the world.

Numerous types of duck live in the same habitat. They are thus hunted using similar methods. One of the key tools used for duck hunting is headlamp as well as the best survival lighter.

Headlamps are worn on the head and have a light source. The light acts as a blinder. The ducks can’t see the hunter. Allowing the hunter to close in and take his shot. Duck hunting is mostly done at night. Making the headlamp a good tool to have.

A reliable and comfortable headlamp can be the determinant of whether your duck hunting expedition is a success or not.

So how do you choose the best headlamp for hunting, and how many lumens are required for a fruitful duck-hunting trip.

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Well, you are in luck, for all these questions are answered below.

To choose the best headlamp, you need to consider;

  1. The Battery Time

Simply put, battery run time refers to how long the battery will last while you are out hunting. The ideal model offers a long battery time, reducing the chances of getting lost in the dark.

  1. The Beam Range

How far does the beam reach? A good headlamp should offer a longer range to enable you to see clearly, far objects. Beam distance will largely be determined by the light brightness combination and the lens’s ability to focus the beam.

  1. The number of Lumens

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Lumen is defined as the light energy the headlamp emits. It’s one factor that should be on top of your list. When checking for the number of lumens, also look at the beam width and quality.

Therefore when picking a headlamp, consider beam quality and the number of lumens.

There has been a debate on what number of lumens should a headlamp have for effective hunting for some time now.

According to a research study done by Y.O.L.A leading company in the manufacturer of headlamps. Found that hunters who used headlamps with more lumens got more ducks than those who had headlamps with fewer lumens. The study was inconclusive, as it could not give the exact number of lumens required.

From the above study, you notice that the more the lumens, the better the hunt. But how many lumens exactly.

Another research study done by Researchgate scientists was more specific. It stated that the best headlamp for duck hunting had 300 – 400lumens. Whether this is true or not is yet to be confirmed. One thing is clear, though. The brighter the light, the better.

  1. The Build

While duck hunting, you may get wet, hence the headlamp should be waterproof. Pick one that is waterproof as some have the waterproof feature to a certain degree. It should also be able to absorb impact .

One key thing in the build people forget to look for is the number of light modes.

A headlamp with 4light modes is recommended. Switching through the light modes should also be easy.

  1. The Headband

Hunting is a demanding activity. Sweating and perspiration are all part of the game. Your chosen headlamp should be sweat resistant to avoid bad smells and slips. You should also find it easy to adjust it.

  1. The Weight

While hunting, you are moving a lot. You cannot afford to feel any discomfort. This may negatively affect your hunt. Hence, the need for a light headlamp. Note, it should be light and, at the same time, able to handle the impact.

  1. The Lifespan

Here is where it gets tricky, to get the best life span from your headlamp, you will have to sacrifice some weight. In that, it will be heavier. Though the difference is not much, it still counts.

Different research teams have shown that the more the lumens, the higher the success rate. None has, however, given a clear number that showed success in the hunt for ducks . One should not pick a headlamp only on the number of lumens it has and considers other headlamp features.


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