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Safes are heavy and come in handy to safely store valuables. But, the weight varies from one model to the other. And, there are factors that determine how a gun safe weighs.

On average, a small entry-level gun safe weighs between 200 to 600 pounds. Mid-range ones weigh in at 600 to 1000 pounds while high-end models weigh between 1000 to 1600.

The weight changes depending on the type of the gun, with commercial ones weighing all the way up to 5,000 pounds. But, how much does a 10-gun safe weigh?

10 gun safes do not have a specific weight across the different brands available on the market. On this note, the weight depends on the particular brand and the various factors that affect weight. Below are factors that determine how much a gun weighs, and this might help you determine if the 10 gun safe you like is worth it.

Factors that Determine the Weight of a 10 gun Safe

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The Size of the Gun Safe

Simply, the bigger a safe is, the heavier it’s going to be. This is because, during construction, the bigger model requires more steel, more fireboard, more shelves, etc. Most manufactures make gun safes in different sizes, which means each model weighs differently from the other.

In simple terms, the more the sizes go up, the more the weight. But, there are exceptions in that some bigger models will have thinner steel and less fireboard. In this case, the more the size, the more the weight does not apply. Also, remember the type of materials used has a bigger say on this more than the size.

Steel Gauge

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The term gauge is used to refer to the measurement that determines the thickness of the steel. On this note, the lower the number on the gauge, the thicker the steel. For example, a safe with a 12-gauge body has thicker steel than a 16-gauge body. And, thicker steel indicates more weight than thinner bodies.

Number of Fireboard Layers

Most gun safes are insulated to protect the valuables against heat and flames in case of a fire. Models with a higher rating in fire protection have multiple layers of fireboard, which maximizes insulation. This, in turn, adds on to the overall weight of the gun safe. Therefore, the more layers of fireboard, the better insulation it provides, and the heavier it gets.

Overall Gun Safe Design

This factor does not necessarily apply to all gun safes. But, in some models, the design of the gun safe impacts the weight. For example, gun safes with additional layers of steel and composite liners are typically heavier than those with a few layers. This also places such a huge jump in the price, obviously because of the intricate design.

The Bottom Line

10 gun safes vary in weight from one brand to another. Many people attribute the weight to more security, but there are exceptions to that. There are different factors that contribute to how much a gun safe weighs, and these also vary in measure from one model to the other.


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