It’s our National soccer team. We know it very well. It does not need a ‘traitor’ to sell tactics to the other camp to be assured that there is almost 90% chance that we are going lose when we take on Algeria at Kamuzu Stadium few hours from now.

We know how the flames break our hearts and how it has done so not only one time but many times, even at a time when we were not supposed to lose but sadly, the boys have been proving to us how poor we are as a country not only economically but also in terms of sports.

Some might have a take different from mine. Fine, you are entitled to your opinion but in as far as I know the flames, the good thing we can expect today is a draw. A win will be a miracle.

If the flames did not have an inferiority complex, I would be assured that we will easily whack Algeria but look, the flames players are more likely to be treating Algeria as a big team only for the mere fact that it went to World Cup and performed better.

Well, as a supporter, I have to admit that Algeria is a big team and is enjoying a rich vein of form, currently topping our group. However, flames players in the battle of field must forget this fact and take them head on, after all, we are playing at home. Zimafunika Ziwindi zinthuzi and I don’t see many of our players with such a fighting spirit.

In my view, the following are the reasons why we are going to lose in today’s encounter:

Firstly, our team doesn’t play with a purpose and this is the sole reason why our boys easily lose focus. In a game of football, we play to score goals but as for the flames, we fail to make a proper build up and create real scoring opportunities.  We score our goals from nowhere and if one is watching the game on TV, you just suddenly see the players celebrating a goal, how they scored, you can’t really appreciate. Zigoli za Mchigulugulu, za mchipwilikiti, mavuto alipo!

It was only during the Malawi Vs Ethopia game where we saw two beautiful goals from Banda and Nyondo. Can we build up from the gains we made during that game? Let’s wait and see.

The second reason why we are more likely to lose this afternoon is that we relax during the dying minutes. Look at Malawi Vs Ethiopia game. The visitors equalized at the end of the first half because our boys were tired and lost focus. To be honest, that was unnecessary.

And we must thank God that we scored two goals in the second half but trust me, the boys would have broken our hearts that day especially when you consider what Ethiopia did by scoring a second consolation goal. Look, that goal was scored at the end of the second half. This is a very big mistake our boys keep on doing in almost every game. Sadly, they dont seem to get it right every time they play. 

Lastly, from its proven record, Algeria plays fast paced football and I hope the flames will fail to contain that style of play. You see, Algeria can frustrate our boys by simply scoring one or two goals either in every half of the game or both goals in one half but trust me, our boys can’t equalize if Algeria’s style of play is anything to go by.  

If we are to win today, then the coach must emphasize on discipline.  The boys must remain focused during the game. They are playing with a giant and the only way to bring defeat it is to remain vigilant throughout the game.

When we score a goal, we have to defend it by attacking so we can score more. The coach should remind the guys to work hard more especially during the last 10 minutes of every half so we should not experience silly goals being scored during the last minutes of every half.  And we should not allow Algeria to score early goals because that situation will put us off and we will not play our game.

If we play well, the best result we can expect to get is a draw otherwise, a loss is inevitable.

Do you agree with this ‘rough’ analysis? If not, what is your take? 

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