Eland Coal Mine Company (ECM), miner of coal in Malawi lakeshore district of Karonga, is facing protests from locals over socio-corporate obligations.

This is not the first time that people of Karonga have taken a miner to task for the same. In 2012, MaraviPost run a series of articles on Kayerekera Uranium Mine, in which locals also protested for failure on the part of Paladin Africa Limited (PAL) – miner at Kayerekera – to fulfil the developments they promised.

People living around the mine, locally called Mwabulambo, say ECM has failed breached the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which the two parties signed.

But the miners aren’t without an excuse. They say the mine has not been able to produce as much yet.

“It has been a tough process which has taken much too long. Obviously for ECM it is critical to start its operations as soon as possible to generate a sustainable cash flow in order to fulfil our commitments of upgrading the lives of the local community,” said Leon Rademeyer, ECM Chief Executive Officer as quoted as by The Sunday Times.

According to MaraviPost findings, ECM promised to build a hospital, a school and to drill boreholes among the many promises.

“We have an MOU but when we say let’s meet and see how far we have gone with it. We are told that the meeting cannot take place because the manager is out of the country,” said Group Village Headman Mesiya.

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