Poorest Country Malawi
Malawi Poorest Country in the world -Malawi (GDP per capita of $226.50)

International Magazine has rated Malawi the poorest country in the world. Malawi Heads the list followed by Burundi (GDP per capita of $267.10), Central African Republic (GDP per capita of $333.20), Niger (GDP per capita of $415.40), Liberia (GDP per capita of $454.30), Madagascar (GDP per capita of $463.00), Democratic Republic of the Congo (GDP per capita of $484.20), The Gambia (GDP per capita of $488.60), Ethiopia (GDP per capita of $505.00) and at number ten Guinea (GDP per capita of $523.10).


The authors of the article said the following in nominating Malawi the poorest country:


Holding a population of 16 million while also being one of the smallest African nation doesn’t set you up for accumulation or distribution of wealth. Arguable the most underdeveloped nation in the world, Malawi suffers greatly in essentially all categories available. Access to education, general standard of healthcare, infrastructure, and quality of living conditions are all limited or substandard. Because the nation is unable to develop in general, they’re for all intents and purposes stuck with trying to drive their economy using only the most primitive levels of agriculture. With common weather variations, as well as injuries and fatalities facilitated by poor health care, Malawi’s world lowest GDP per capita of $226.50 doesn’t seem like it will be rising too significantly any time soon.


Sometimes days may seem tough. Maybe things just didn’t go the way you want, or perhaps you’re frustrated with where your life stands currently. While many may have perfectly valid reasons for frustration, it is equally as important to take moments every day to appreciate the reasons your life may be great. There’s privilege to be seen everywhere, even in something so simple as the internet connection required for you to have read this article.


It would appear Mutharika and future leaders of Malawi have a lot of work to do to make our lives better

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