BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—The battle line has been drawn between Social and political activist

Ben Chiza Mkandawire
Ben Chiza Mkandawire

and president Peter Mutharika’s trusted aides Ben Phiri and his brother Martin Nkasala with the former accusing the two Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) propagandists of smearing him on DPP’s owned online publication Malawi Independent.

Writing on his Facebook page on Tuesday, Chiza challenged the duo that he has the capacity to take down DPP government singlehandedly.

“I want to know who owns Malawi Independent, the names that have come up are those of my two friends Ben Phiri and Madalitso Martin Nkasala. I have confronted Nkasala to tell me who owns these Facebook pages that are character assassinating people who have disagreed with DPP and he denied knowing of it.

“So I will take his word but with a warning. I can take down DPP myself singlehandedly; I can go after Peter Mutharika so bad you will not stop me. But I have maintained my respect for the man because of our friendship. And it will stay that way.

“Your name and your brother’s name continue to show up as I search for idiots writing lies and attacking innocent women. I will meet you in person. Do not push me. Consider this a warning,” wrote Mkandawire.

Sources indicate that Mkandawire has become a subject of DPP’s propaganda pages’ smear after disagreements over donations to Beatify Malawi (Beam) from Hamra Oil Holdings where Mkandawire was previously working as CEO.

But Mkandawire said there is more than meets the eye.

“This is politically motivated. There is all politics in this as we run up to 2019 presidential elections,” he said.

A letter leaked from First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s charity organization Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust indicated that while Chiza Mkandawire was working at Hamra Oil Holdings as CEO, the First Lady asked for financial assistance.

It is said that Chiza released over K20 million and money was being shared among the officials of the Trust.

In a letter, the First Lady had advised that assistance should be channeled through presidential chief economic and special adviser Dr. Collins Magalasi who is vice board chairperson of the trust or Chimango Chirwa, Mayamiko Mwinjilo, Chairperson of Finance and Fundraising Sub-Committee or Mrs. Nazma Ismail, Board Member.

However, it is indicate that after noting that money from Hamra was being deposited in personal accounts, Chiza stopped any donations from Hamra to Beam which triggered the souring of relations with the powers that be.

Martina Nkasala, who graduated from Mzuzu University with a Bachelor degree in education (humanities) and worked with Malawi Savings Bank as mere Bank teller, has become a millionaire overnight after working with DPP for just two years.

He is alleged to be one of the DPP propagandists manufacturing false stories against innocent people who disagree with the ruling party, and their main platform is Malawi Voice and the newly established Malawi Independent.


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