Technology Dr. William Susuwele-Banda
Minister of Education, Science and Technology Dr. William Susuwele-Banda

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Dr. William Susuwele-Banda Wednesday morning made an impassioned plea to the youth of the country to practice self-control in order to manage the country’s population growth.

The Minister bemoaned the culture of having so many children which ‘we and up failing to support with quality education and other necessary resources.’

Giving an example, the Minister said: “Just go to Kamuzu Central Hospital today, you will find already many new babies equivalent to two streams of a primary school.

This can’t go on, it has to start with the youth including you journalists, otherwise we are heading for a very scary future”

He said It’s high time we practiced real population control to enable government to provide adequate resources in the education sector.

The Minister who was addressing the press to announce the commemoration of the World Teachers Day that will take place on 4th October 2019 at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, also highlighted several successes the Ministry is engaged in.

He revealed that steady progress is being made in the construction of Mombera University that is constructed using government funds.

He also revealed that the textbook ratio to learners in primary school is 1 to 1.

Susuwele-Banda also said that renovation of schools, construction of hostels and secondary schools will all be done by his Ministry.

The Minister also disclosed government’s plan to making teaching at primary school more attractive by among other things start to train primary school teachers to degree level.

This year’s World Teachers Day is being held under the theme: Young People: The Future of The Profession.

During the commemorations, heads from secondary and primary schools that have demonstrated good management and leadership will be honoured.

Outstanding teachers, both from primary and secondary, who, despite challenging conditions and teaching environments will also be recognized for their outstanding commitment to the job.

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