APM Govt To Rehabilitate M1 Road From Kia To Chiweta:2019

The House has authorised the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development to borrow 80 million euros and 15.5 million euros from the European Investment Bank to rehabilitate the KIA turn off-Mzimba turn off road and Kacheche-Chiweta roads.

Bill No. 17 of 2019: European Investment Bank (Additional Financing for Malawi M1 Road Rehabilitation) Loan (Authorization) was passed with support from both sides of the House.

This is additional financing on top of 43 million euros grant from the European Investment Bank for the project.

The first section will be the 102km from KIA turn off to Kasungu, followed by Kasungu to Jenda then Jenda to Mzimba turn off and finally, Kacheche to Chiweta.b.

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