Malawi Election case reveals MEC’s crookedness and lies

As the Malawi election case draws near the conclusion, one thing is clear; without the case going all the way to trial, the extent of the Malawi Electoral Commission’s (MEC) crookedness and lies would not have been known.

The case was never in the evil plans of the powers at the centre of MEC.

The case has revealed that (MEC) Chairperson, Justice Jane Ansah’s much touted ‘high confidence in the election process’ was just words plucked from the air and said to hoodwink the country into believing that the election process was credible. But as we all have learnt, there was no valid election process at all.

In fact, the court of public opinion has already concluded that Ansah was part of a pack of jackals that connived to make Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate, Professor Peter Mutharika, winner of the 2019 elections.

The jackals used many lies to justify Mutharika’s ‘election’. One of the lies Ansah peddled was ‘auditors have verified these results’.

However, the BDO audit report and undisputed evidence presented in court has confirmed that the 2019 election process was not credible and MEC was not interested in see any presidential election winner other than Mutharika.

MEC colluded with the DPP regime to maintain it’s grip on power.

The chain of lies which have been uncovered by the election case further show that it was not the intention of MEC to have an independent audit firm that would verify the authenticity of the elections results.

This was confirmed when it was revealed in court that MEC Chief Elections Officer, Sam Alfandika asked the auditors from BDO to alter parts of the audit report he disagreed with, but BDO refused and said the report was final.

Alfandika’s antics clearly meant he had a predetermined narration on how the elections were ‘conducted’ and of course a predetermined winner.

Alfandika’s boss, Justice Ansah, lied many times that all the results displayed at the National Tally Centre were audited and verified before being displaying displayed.

However, evidence indicates that MEC accepted and announced unverified results.

In fact, it was revealed in court that MEC announced the results when results transmission was way less than one hundred percent.

The case has also revealed that MEC announced the winner of the presidential election while there was still a lot of unresolved irregularities with some of them simply bordering on fraud. Yet during announcement of results, Ansah lied to the nation that the commission addressed all grievances and complaints.

Among the contentious issues were the tally sheets that were rejected by the auditors because of the missing signatures of the corresponding political parties.

The auditors state that many of the tally sheets were rejected because of manual amendments, but MEC provided BDO with an official letter to approve any manual amendments on the tally sheets and forms that were used at the constituency tally centers.

The case also revealed that the auditors noted some cases where votes cast exceeded the maximum number of the registered voters per stream.

They indicated that a number of polling stations stream results were not tallying to the totals of the stations.

Incredibly, the auditors stated that MEC provided them with an official letter to approve all papers if they contained the Presiding Officer’s signature only.

In other words MEC told the auditors to disregard anomalies despite their seriousness. Why would anyone employ auditors just to disregard all queries raised?

This shows MEC acted in bad faith and never intended to use the full expertise of the auditors in the first place.

MEC requested UNDP to help in results management and transmission just for a show. It was not MEC’s intention to let an independent audit firm do it’s job without interference. 

The so called election was a sham and that’s why MEC and DPP tried to use all tricks in the book to have the election case dismissed. They knew it would open a can of worms.

The damning evidence which is now in the court records was never supposed to see the light of the day.

The whole MEC is rotten. It presided over an election which it promised to be free and fair but was planned and delivered in typical mafia style.

The lies discovered through the election case shows that the nation trusted crooks to run the elections. Not even a Justice of the Supreme Court, Jane Ansah could save the nation.

Instead, she was the leading liar. She has no integrity whatsoever.That’s why despite repeated calls for her resignation, she unashamedly refuses to do so.

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