Fabiano and Mussa
Ministers; Fabiano and Mussa

Ministers Henry Mussa and Emmanuel Fabiano castigated the reporting by Times Media Group for its story that allegedly linked Malawi to terrorism attack in Kenya recently. The ministers were reacting to a their story published last Saturday which allegedly linked Malawi to terrorism attack in Kenya recently.

Times Media was not alone to having fallen to the unsubstantiated accusation made against Malawi. Malawi has been implicated in Kenyan terrorist incidents including the latest one involving a luxury hotel this week. A producer and analyst of renowned South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Izak Khomo claimed there is a Malawian connection to the terrorism after an attack that happened Tuesday this week killing at least 21 people in Nairobi, Kenya.

Both Mussa and Fabiano challenged the paper that the story was baseless and had no facts based on an opinion. Times Media has the resources to have verified the story before posting it.

According to reports Times Group made mmatters worse by not attending a presser that the two Minister addressed to refute the irresponsible reporting. Almost all media houses in Lilongwe were available at the news conference apart from The Times.

Allegidly Minister Mussa was said to be angered further when he noticed that the Times had boycotted the news conference which was specifically scheduled to address their article.

A media analyst said by boycotting the news conference, Times Group admitted that their story was erroneous and baseless. ‘They should have braved the press conference,” the analyst said.

“Their absence is an admission that they are in the wrong and in that case they should swallow their pride and retract the story,” he said.

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