By Burnett Munthali

Young children in families must be advised and taught to be of good character. They should always be reminded of good virtues if they want to avoid the wrath of anger and fury of the society today.

Malawi is a society drunk with anger and mob justice and cannot forgive you irrespective of your age. Their unexplained anger will land on you without any sympathy or warning.

venomous society

There was an incident of alleged theft which took place on Thursday, August 4 of a boy of about 14 years.

The boy was accused of stealing a duck somewhere in Chilinde within Lilongwe. He had caught the duck and put it in his bag when the owners spotted him doing so.

An angry mob of people around gathered and started chasing the boy who was running away. When they got hold of him, he pleaded to be left free for discussions because he would not run away.

He was left to discuss freely without being held but took advantage of the situation and attempted to escape. That was the grave mistake he made.

It was at this point that the mob apprehend him for the second time and began beating him severely and started bleeding all over.

An on looking man knelt down and pleaded with the angry mob to stop beating the boy but asked to simply interrogate him nicely but to no avail. They continued to shovel and beat him at will.

The angry mob showered their fury and beat the teenager like nobody’s business without any mercy.

It is not known how this young boy has survived the incident as we speak. It is likely that he might have been hospitalized.

According to some sources, the boy who met the mishap left school and likes blocking school children in the area on their way to school. Let us teach our children good morals.

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