Child MarriagesArticle By Tenson Zobo

Government has said Malawi needs to accept realities and challenges a girl child faces in accessing education services and put serious strategies to overcome the situation of high illiteracy levels among them in Malawi.


Deputy Minister for Education, Science and Technology Vincent Ghambi made the revelations during a First National Girls’ Education Conference: You Educate a Girl, You Educate a Nation in Lilongwe.



He said: “We realized an existing gap in understanding of issues of child right to school not only with government but also in the private sectors and other sectors and even in home. So we felt we start with strategizing plans that protect a girl child to go to school access quality services, so that it tickles down to sectors and areas of education development”,.


Government is optimistic to changing lives of girl child to a better in as far as acquiring education services are concerned. Expressed optimism that five year governments plan to address girl child challenges in education is of critical importance as it aimed at address long distance, insufficient resource at school, unqualified teachers that ill-treat the students.


“Investing in children will help Malawi meet the MDGs as six out of eight MDGs directly concern children. The workshop also convened on the sidelines of a Transformational Leadership and Children Rights Training for stakeholders and government”, lamented Ghambi.

 Development Fund International Development (DFID) representative Jen Marshall recommended Malawi for strive on  MDG 3, now advancing to SDG 4 to achieving inclusive and equitable education and life-long learning for girls and boys. SDG 5 is among crucial areas, for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.


“It goes without saying that girls and boys need this learning, those opportunities to realize their potential. The education in Malawi needs to deriver generations of well-educated young people with inquiring minds, both male and female, growing to become healthy, economically productive, informed and active adult citizen”, commented Marshall.


The perception of masculinity, their behavior, the actions, are a critical part of the solution in as far promoting girl child education is concerned in Malawi. Therefore, potential roles in the family should be equally shared to develop Malawi in particular.


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